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1 can Fiesta Nacho cheese soup

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 can enchilada sauce (either mild or 'HOT' depending on taste)

1 can Hormel boneless chicken

Half & Half, cream, or milk

Crushed tortilla chips

Grated Colby, cheddar, or co-jack cheese


Mix first four ingredients together and cook over low heat in a Dutch oven or crock-pot. Use Half & Half, cream, or milk to thin soup to desired consistency. Serve by topping soup with crushed...

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photo by Ray McCune Assistant Scoutmaster Walt Pressler teaching orienteering to Troup #44 at the Scout Cabin.

Summer is here and Scouting activities are in full swing. Boys are attending summer camp at Camp Chief Little Turtle. I can hear their shouts of excitement clear down here in Waynedale. I can't wait to get up there next week and visit Troop 38 and take some pictures. I try to do this every year with the troops that I'm working with. Jerry Lloyd, Scoutmaster for Troop 38, said that Nick Turpchinoff will be SPL for Summer Camp this year. If things go according to plan, Nick will be Troop...

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Dear Cousin,


It's funny, but after all these years, in my mind I can see my father plainly. His face is shiny, with the high Irish color in his cheekbones. There is a quirk in the corner of his mouth as if suppressing a grin, or even a hearty laugh. His blue eyes twinkle and his dark hair is slightly waved back from his forehead. The vision is so clear I can almost reach out and touch him. I see him in his old work clothes, blue denim shirt wet with perspiration on his back and chest....

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They say we Indians lived at a place where they now live. I don't remember. I asked about love, respect, honor, harmony and balance. They answered and said, "We don't remember." I told them about talking to the animals, and of thanking them for their many gifts. I told them also about the rivers, how cool and refreshing they were to us, how we would drink from them. Also I told them how we thanked The Creator who made them. They answered and said, "We don't...

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by D. A. Robinson


You are the sun,
That brightens my day.
You are the stars,
That show me the way.


You are the clouds,
So pure and white.
You are the sky,
Both day and night.


You are the wind,
That blows so free.
You are the breeze,
That comforts me.


You are the rain,
That just pours down.
You are my smile,
Sometimes my frown.


You are my life,
Through and through.
You are my child,
And I love you.



I suspect that I may get some rocks thrown at me for this column, but what is a columnist without an opinion? I most certainly DO have an opinion on the pedophile priests! In our town, (Louisville) we have just indicted another one, Father Louis E. Miller, who doesn't deserve the title, "Father." He is accused of 42 male child abuse cases, but the actual number is much, much higher. I saw him on TV yesterday as he was bailed out of jail by his brother. "Monster!" I heard...

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