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The setting sun's last fading light,
Was hidden by a lowering cloud.
The sky was black, as was the night,
The pelting rain was beating loud.


"Ah, wintertime can be so bleak,"
I cried aloud to anyone.
"It leaves you breathless, cold, and weak,
And wintertime has just begun.


But when the sun again arose,
There, gleaming, was a snow-clad tree.
A scene no artist could compose,
Was suddenly revealed to me.


The trees were blazingly aflame,
And sparkled with a brilliant hue.


Holiday Shopping Guide


The holiday season is around the corner, and it's time to try and find something for that 'geek' in the family. A Geek is a techno wizard who is comfortable with all things electronic.

The perfect gift is one that he or she can use to amaze other people. Like a digital camera, that when they use it, other people say that's a cool camera. Think of the new digital gift like a new toy for Christmas that they will show all their friends on Christmas day.

Now. many...


The Leonids are Coming


Historically, the Leonid meteor storms have produced some awesome displays. A few of the world's top meteor experts have predicted that on the early morning of November 18, 2001, stargazers might be able to see the most dramatic Leonid meteor storm since 1966.

You may begin watching on Saturday night, November 17, but do most of your observing from midnight to dawn Sunday morning. Data is indicating a possible storm outburst in the dawn hours of Sunday morning. The...


In the picture from left to right: front row: Laurie Shown, RN, Kim Lucas, RN, Barb Moore, RN, Heather Vale, R.N.   In the back row (slanted) stand three-left to right:  Elaine Royce, RN, Betsy Cline, RN (my daughter), and Lisa Nolley, RN.     GREAT JOB GIRLS!!!!!!!

Dear Readers,


I will share a FIRST hand account of the quintuplets born Oct 28th at Norton's Suburban Hospital in Louisville:

An air of expectation, concern and excitement hung in the air every day after Stephanie Powell was admitted to the hospital on Labor Day. She is a Nurse Practitioner and well known to the nurses who work the level 3 nursery. Now, if Stephanie had been about 5' 6" or so, it might not have caused such concern, but little Stephanie only stands 5 foot tall. Stephanie...


Congratulations to Alan Moloney. He placed in the Top 10 at Mickey & Billy's Midwest Classic 9 Ball Tournament on October 21st and 22nd. This tournament paid out over $15,000 in prize money. In August and September, Alan also won 2-eight ball tournaments in a row.

Also congratulations is in order for Kevin Briner. Kevin won the last eight ball tournament in October stopping Alan from winning 3 in a row. This tournament is the first Saturday of every month and the starting time is 5pm. It is a...


No, Dr. Tom Hayhurst is the guy on the left!  That’s ICY from the Komets in the middle. Tom’s grandson, Christopher and his daughter, Anne.

I thought it would be great for our readers to learn about our councilman, Dr. Tom Hayhurst. We have his column in The Waynedale News and are kept well informed about our city government and in particular, the items that affect our area. He really means it when he invites people to call him with their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions.

Dr. Hayhurst is a Pulmonary Specialist with the Indiana Medical Associates at the Lutheran Office Building. His practice consumes 50-60 hours each week plus...


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