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 The Macintosh Classic with an Imagewriter II Printer.

A Museum in the Making


Recently I acquired an old friend... In my history with computers I've owned them about as often as cars. I often see an old movie and my dad will spot an old car. He'll name the year and model of that car just as if he drove it. Which in some cases he has.

I on the other hand in my geek ness, I can name an Apple Macintosh computer and tell you all about it. In nearly all Seinfeld's and Drew Cary Shows I spot a Mac. In many movies I can spot the type of...

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Tessi Tonka (Jim Fox’s Lakota name) dancing at his Indian Adoption Ceremony.  All may dance.



The Head Man and Woman dancer is an honor position for a pow wow, and they are selected by a committee. No, it does not mean they are the best dancers; however, they may well be. It means they are respected in the community of Indians and non-Indians. They do things in a good way. They lead out all the dances. They are beacons of the Creator's love and light. All may dance in the circle with them. What you will feel is joy, happiness, peace and an understanding of the...

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This ugly duckling is taking flight. Check out the current production "Honk" by Edwards Production Inc. "Grandma Sylvia's Funeral", an interactive audience participation show, was the last performance by Edwards Production, a traveling community theatre group based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. They travel to various towns in both Indiana and Ohio with a mission of bringing actors, both new and old, together to both educate and entertain, while having fun in the process.

Honk! is their...

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by Paul Moore


March is when our Spring begins,
The crocus blooms, the rain descends.
But don't put on your summer thins,
For March is not when Winter ends.



by Leroy Partin


I once had a friend, a very good friend;
His given name was Bill.
Lived way back in Kentucky,
On top of a big old hill.


Bill never did much of anything;
Drank a little moonshine now and then.
Never knew where he was going;
Hardly knew where he had been.


Bill never trusted anyone,...

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On Sunday, April 7th from noon to 4pm Ace Tent and Party Supplies, 7673 Bluffton Road (next to the American Legion Post #241) will be having a Family Fun Day and everyone is invited. There will be games for the kids, food and entertainment for everyone. This event will be free.

"Puttin' on the Ritz", a bridal luncheon, will be offered by Ace Tent and Picture Perfect Catering. Ace Tent Rental and Picture Perfect Catering will be available for any questions you may have regarding weddings...

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Boy Scouts of America is very pleased to see the passage of the Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act. The Act, which was signed into law by President Bush on January 8, 2002, prevents a public school or other educational agency from refusing to allow Boy Scouts equal access to school facilities for the purpose of holding meetings. Scouting always has had a constitutional right to equal access in public schools, but now the Department of Education is required...

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