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The Bishop Luers Cross Country Team Car Wash was held on Saturday, September 15, 2001 in the Taco Bell parking lot off of W. Jefferson Blvd. Coach Tracy Edgerton and Assistant Coach Linda Keuneke said the team was doing well this year with hopes on making it to state on October 27th.

information provided by Post #296

Our Flag, the symbolism of the United States, is considered to be a living symbol representing a living country. In addition, the Flag represents the many freedoms, rights and responsibilities not entrusted to the citizens of any other country in the world. Therefore, the proper display and use of the United States Flag is the responsibility of every American citizen.

Displaying the Flag Outdoors...

On a vehicle - attach the flag to the antenna or clamp...



By Earl Kumfer, Assistant Scoutmaster


BSA Troop 38 continues in its mission of service and the adventure of exploring another culture. Four days of travel and five days of living in tipis without electricity on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in west central South Dakota (August 4-12) mark this year's addition to the tradition for eight veteran and five novice pilgrims.

The last week of July was filled with final preparations. For...


Andrew, Danielle and Alyssa Fleming

I was halfway kidding when I said I would write this column from Colorado Springs, which is far from being Waynedale, Indiana. One of my sons just moved here to work for FOCUS ON THE FAMILY. I arrived here safely Monday night September 10th. On the way to the airport in Chicago I was involved in an accident when I stopped for a red light. The man behind me did not stop. I was not hurt but the car received some minor damage. Then the next thing I knew I got scalded with hot coffee. That...


The smoke on the wind of the terrorists' acts darkened the skies of the U.S.A. Oh, but what these individuals did not consider is the strength and faith of the American people. Yes, we mourn the loss of our loved ones, all those who have crossed over to be in the Light of the Great Spirit. Many of them are receiving their angel training right now. They have volunteered to be the ones that will send us love and light for the healing of our Mother Earth and for ourselves, our families and...


6th Annual Ossian Days Car Show was held on Saturday, September 15th

6th Annual Ossian Days Car Show was held on Saturday, September 15th at Mike Anderson Chevrolet Dealership in Ossian. Pictured with his 1960 Ford F100 is Dan Kaough of KAO Motors, Waynedale and his Uncle Charlie McIlveen, Largo, FL.

The Waynedale News chose this 1966 Chevy Nova (above) as "Best in Show" for the 2001 Ossian Days Car Show.

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