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Sirius, The Dog Star


Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. This star is located in the constellation Canis Major, the Greater Dog. The "Dog Star" is the companion of Orion, the Hunter. Line up the three belt stars of Orion and head southeastward. You will pass just above Sirius.

This brilliant star is pretty close to earth. Its distance is just 8.6 light years away. Sirius is a massive star. The power output is 23 times that of the sun, yet it's only about the size of earth.


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I used to love to watch DRAGNET. I still remember the lines: This is the city. I work here. I'm a cop. Well, someday, I think I shall write a book that will start out: This is the hospital. I work here. I'm a nurse.

Today's story would go like this: I got called up to start an I.V. on a man who has driven out everyone who has entered his room to do anything for him. On the phone I am informed that the guy is impossible and they want to know if I can come up and handle the situation. I...

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A man walked down the street the other day,
The ladies of the Auxiliary came his way.
He took a poppy and gave them a dime,
He mumbled, "Why do they take up my time?"
He put the poppy in the buttonhole of his coat,
Next to some pencils and notes.
When he got home he placed the poppy on the table,
That red paper flower with a little white label.
As he looked at the flower; as if inspired,
He wondered, "Who put this flower on this wire?"
He's probably a man who...

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Dear Cousin,


Our loving Master has looked down upon our winter-weary hills and sent us the blessing of a few mild and sunny days. It is only a foretaste of springtime to come, but it is more than welcome after the cold, snowy days of the past weeks. It is a pleasure to take a walk on a day such as this. Warm sun shined upon the grove of hemlocks and released a pleasant, piney scent into the air. There was the rich, earthy fragrance of thawing soil carried by a playful little breeze that...

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This is the theme of the 2002 Home and Garden Show, which runs from February 27, through March 3, 2002. Highlights of the show include ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS FREE GARDENING SEMINARS throughout the show upstairs in the Red Room. In addition, Master Gardeners will be available to answer garden questions at their booth located in the Garden Hall. Stop by and purchase seed collected by the Master Gardener volunteers. 



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Watch TV on your computer


On the Internet, new content arrives online at an exponential rate. In fact there are more words on the Internet, than that of all printed material. But not just words are what we look at when we surf the WWW. Pictures, interactive content such as animation, and some video are online. In recent years audio files and content have bombarded the Internet.

MPEG (pronounced M-peg), which stands for Moving Picture Experts Group, is the name of family of standards...

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