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Artist and Waynedale native Julia Langmeyer prepares to hang a wooden star quilt block at Born Again Quilts.

Ever since I was about nine or ten I can remember going to the Historic South Side Market on Warsaw Street with my parents and siblings. Back then the smell and sight of gladiolas, zinnias, marigolds, tiger lilies along with bustling people as they talked to the farmers about their fruits and vegetables carrying their old fashion egg baskets to hold their purchases. I most remember my parents buying the corn and the strawberries in the small square crates. A trip wouldn’t be complete without a...

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I called my friend on Saturday evening. “Hey, are you going to go to the sock hop that was announced last week at church?”

“Not me,” he replied. “Sock hops are dumb. Besides, I plan to go to choir practice tomorrow, and I want my voice to be good and strong.”

“It will take more than a little beauty sleep, Prince Charming,” I teased him.

The choir desperately needed men, and the church leaders had announced a new choir leader that was very pretty. I knew a lot of young men would join the...

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The evening sun dips below the horizon as another hot and humid day comes to a close. A pink tinge in the western sky is the only reminder that a bright sun ruled over the day, but twilight is closing in, and day is done.

The frantic pace of the day slows, and the strident cries of the daytime creatures are stilled. Jarflies and cicadas, with their harsh, discordant noise that resounded in the heat of the day, are silent now.

The continuous activity in the maple tree, where the pair of robins...

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Marty Rust diligently at work on a star design prairie point potholder.

Potholders have always been a bazaar favorite of mine. I have one of a sombrero handmade back in the 1940s. When son Robert wanted to learn to quilt, he made an appliquéd alien potholder that still hangs in a place of honor on my refrigerator. These small textile works of art bring a bit of whimsy to a kitchen. If you wish to decorate with textiles but lack space to hang quilts or wall hangings, try grouping a few vintage potholders together. They aren’t too hard to find at...

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It was Thursday again. Mabel Adams asked at the desk to be sure.

“Thursday all day, Mabel,” the girl said. “Don’t forget to get your hair done today. Two o’clock ... right?”

“Right,” Mabel said, locking the time away in her mind. “Two o’clock. On Thursday.”

She took her purple walker and went half a block to the counter at the drug store.
That nice Williams girl came over with a smile and a menu.

“Tuna on toast, Mabel?”
“Uh, sure. I like that.”
“Hot tea?”
“Yes please.”

After she ate...

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There are a number of reasons why it is important to distinguish between the two:

Virtual Charter Schools like Hoosier Academy are state funded. In fact, they are public schools. Because of their public school status, students must take mandated assessments such as the ISTEP; and parents delegate the instruction of their children to the public school staff. Parents are NOT able to choose the curriculum; the parents must choose approved curriculum from the Charter School. Homeschools are, on...

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