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Contemporary quilt “Whispered Lace” will be raffled at The Gathering at Wayne HS on March 19th.  Proceeds benefit the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission.

As exciting as 2015 was, 2016 looks to bring even more excitement to the local quilt scene.

On Saturday, March 19, International Quilting Day will once again be celebrated as the Appleseed Quilter’s Guild hosts the 26th Annual Gathering of Quilters at Wayne High School from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. In 2014 nearly 800 quilters attended The Gathering and they expect to exceed that count this year. This year’s theme is “Better Quilting Through Education”.

This year’s featured speaker is nationally known...

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By Ross David Fortner, Jr.

Howl, mighty Wind,
Breath of winter come, knock upon my cabin door.
Beckon my soul to wander
Upon your mighty gale,
To enter into myself,
And find some solace, real.

Blow around my shuttered window,
Rattle every loose latch,
Remind me of my mortality,
That this life won’t last,
Not forever, anyway, but in time
Enjoy that which, for
A short while, is mine.

Sing Wind, sing through the trees,
Where my bird friends visit
And sing to me.
Sing a mighty song

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It’s time to tackle the socially active issue as in, “I want to homeschool my child but how will I keep my child socially active?” or “How will your child learn to interact socially being homeschooled?” [SARCASM ALERT]

Oh gee, ya got me there, I guess I’d better register my daughter in an away from home school so she can spend the school day with kids her own age and if she’s lucky actually get to talk to them during lunch.

Since my daughter and I began our unexpected homeschool journey, here’s...

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This beautiful pre-Civil War peony quilt is now in the collection of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

Happy New Year!

As we begin 2016, I thought I’d cover some loose ends from late 2014 and 2015 while giving you a taste of things to come in 2016 too.

My last article of 2014 was about a pre-Civil War peony quilt in green and red that looked like wreaths. The quilt had a piece of paper sewn to its back indicating the maker and the dates of her birth, wedding and death. This quilt was acquired by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art! At the FWMoA it will receive the care it needs and will be enjoyed by...

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The beginning of a brand new year puts most folks in a reflective mood-pondering over the past year and wondering what the new year has in store for us. After the bright festivities of the Christmas season, the year of 2016 seems to be off to a dismal start. Gray skies and spattering rain greet us, and lowering clouds give the promise of more wet weather on the way.

Shreds of tattered gray fog are hanging on the side of Pilot Knob, and the top is obscured by a nimbus of mist. After our...

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Seriously, it’s okay that you are feeling a little or a big homeschool burnout this time of year. It’s part of the human DNA.

Remember going to school when you were a kid? When December hit weren’t you thinking enough is enough, who cares what the predicate has to say about the subject? Flash forward... aren’t you thinking who cares that ¼ is simpler than 2/8? OH NO! I typed that in black and white. Once again, seriously, this feeling is not the end of the educational world and in no way...

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