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I grew up with a lot of religious rules. To violate these rules was to subject oneself to the judgment of God. If you had a fundamentalist upbringing, you may be familiar with some of these restrictions. No drinking, no smoking, no dancing, no playing cards or going to the movies, no mixed-bathing (a prospect that intrigued my teenage mind), no Sabbath-breaking (though we did not actually gather on the Sabbath), and absolutely no questioning of religious authority.

Religious authority was...

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We are now crossing the bridge from summer to autumn. On one side is the hot summer sun, gardens at their peak, rose of Sharon bushes in full bloom and cool swimming pools. On the other side are cooler nights, turning leaves, katydids hollering and dwindling gardens.

The view from the bridge is stunning. The late summer flowers are in full bloom—bright orange day lilies, pure blue chickory blossoms, bright yellow wild sunflowers, black-eyed Susans and jewel-like touch-me-nots. On the other...

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A block from the Brenner Family’s Swallows in the Window quilt dated back to the 1830s.

The 37th Annual Maumee Valley Antique Steam & Gas Association Show lived up to expectations. This is where you go to eat the sweetest corn imaginable, still for only $1 an ear, and the chicken dinner sells out well before suppertime.

At last year's show I offer to come back this year as "The Quilt Whisperer" where people could present their quilts to me and I would tell them what they were telling me about their birth, their life and the accidents that cause them to be in need of...

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We walked quietly out and looked toward the west. It seems as though everyone did. Neighbors were out and the dogs were racing around trying to set new yard-to-yard speed records. Yes, it was getting dark there in the west.

But no one really wanted to say it. No one wanted to jinx it. Oh, we're grown up, educated more or less, and smart enough to come in out of the ... oops. Nearly slipped up there. But there is that nagging little fear we all carry when we want something so badly we're afraid...

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I pulled from my bookshelf a few systematic theology books that I had not opened for a long time. I blew off the dust, cracked the stiff binding, and dove into the hundreds of pages filled with declarations about the attributes and characteristics of God.

There they all were: God's self-existence, knowability, immutability, infinity, immensity, unity, veracity, holiness, righteousness, omniscience, sovereignty, transcendence – and several other $10 words – with all my handwritten study notes...

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What do carpenter ants build?

A Double
Barney Wertzberger,
In Two Brother's Bar
With a five cent beer,
And a ten cent cigar

"The next one's on me,"
Said the one brother,
"I'll buy one too,"
Said the T'other.

"I'll have an Old Granddad,
I'd like that a lot,
And give me them both.
With a double shot."'

(In case you teatotalers and young whippersnappers don't know it, way back then you could really buy a draft beer for a nickel. But Old Granddad was and still is, an expensive whiskey.)

The Consumer

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