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Thanksgiving Day will soon be here and many Americans will gather to enjoy a meal and give thanks for their many blessings.

I find it sad people feel the need to shop on Thanksgiving Day and store owners feel compelled to open their doors to keep up with their competition. For once the Day is over it is on to Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday culminating with the frenzy of Christmas Eve shopping.

The Small Business Saturday was launched by American Express in 2010: Go...

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The melancholy days are come,
the saddest of the year
With wailing winds and naked woods,
and meadows brown and sere.
Heaped in the hollows of the grove,
the autumn leaves lie dead,
They rustle to the eddying gust
and to the rabbit’s tread.
The robin and the wren are flown,
and from the shrubs the jay.
And from the wood top calls the crow,
through all the gloomy day.
From “Death of the Flowers” by William Cullen Bryant

It’s hard for me to agree with the poet, as I feel that November is not a sad month...

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High school football teams in our part of the state,
Have a history of being exceptionally great!

Teams like Cadets, Bruins and ‘Skins,’
Saints, Hawks and Knights, all amass plenty of wins.

Even Wayne Generals never lost so much.
But our Trojans’ streak was too untouchable to touch.
A record that amassed 64 straight defeats...

How did those brave souls ever strap on their cleats?

As a Trojan myself and faculty member with pride,
There were times I wish I could have found some place to...

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Afar on the blue horizon,
The infinite, tender sky,
The ripe, rich tints of the cornfield
And wild geese flying high.
All over upland and lowland,
The charm of the goldenrod,
Some of us call it autumn,
But others call it God.
Author unknown
(In memory of Amma Brown)

Another mild October day, with just a hint of rain, brings red and orange leaves tumbling down from the maple tree on the bank. The foliage has been spectacular this year, although it has reached its peak. Pilot Knob is still gloriously...

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Alphonse and Virginia Sorg are depicted on Carole Sorg’s 1837 Sorg Historical Quilt mourning at the grave of their day-old son William.

All Saints Day (Nov. 1) and All Soul’s Day (Nov. 2) have come and gone leaving the rest of the month of November to continue to remember friends, family and other people important in our lives who no longer walk the earth.

During the Victorian Age death was treated with much ritual: the stopping of clocks, the covering of mirrors, women wearing black for years emulating Queen Victoria as she mourned for her husband Prince Albert.

After a death some quilters create quilts depicting their loved...

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The Southside Optimist Club is dedicated to “BRINGING OUT THE BEST IN KIDS” and do there part through community service programs. Optimists have the unique flexibility to serve the youth of their community in any way they see fit.

The Optimist’s mission is to foster an optimistic way of life, through a network of optimists, dedicated to the full development of their potential in order to provide ever expanding service to youth, the community and the world.

The Southside Optimist Club has seen...

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