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A block from the Brenner Family’s Swallows in the Window quilt dated back to the 1830s.

The 37th Annual Maumee Valley Antique Steam & Gas Association Show lived up to expectations. This is where you go to eat the sweetest corn imaginable, still for only $1 an ear, and the chicken dinner sells out well before suppertime.

At last year's show I offer to come back this year as "The Quilt Whisperer" where people could present their quilts to me and I would tell them what they were telling me about their birth, their life and the accidents that cause them to be in need of...

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We walked quietly out and looked toward the west. It seems as though everyone did. Neighbors were out and the dogs were racing around trying to set new yard-to-yard speed records. Yes, it was getting dark there in the west.

But no one really wanted to say it. No one wanted to jinx it. Oh, we're grown up, educated more or less, and smart enough to come in out of the ... oops. Nearly slipped up there. But there is that nagging little fear we all carry when we want something so badly we're afraid...

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I pulled from my bookshelf a few systematic theology books that I had not opened for a long time. I blew off the dust, cracked the stiff binding, and dove into the hundreds of pages filled with declarations about the attributes and characteristics of God.

There they all were: God's self-existence, knowability, immutability, infinity, immensity, unity, veracity, holiness, righteousness, omniscience, sovereignty, transcendence – and several other $10 words – with all my handwritten study notes...

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What do carpenter ants build?

A Double
Barney Wertzberger,
In Two Brother's Bar
With a five cent beer,
And a ten cent cigar

"The next one's on me,"
Said the one brother,
"I'll buy one too,"
Said the T'other.

"I'll have an Old Granddad,
I'd like that a lot,
And give me them both.
With a double shot."'

(In case you teatotalers and young whippersnappers don't know it, way back then you could really buy a draft beer for a nickel. But Old Granddad was and still is, an expensive whiskey.)

The Consumer

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Rod always fell asleep in class. It didn't matter if it was math, English, or science. Ten minutes into the class, and he was sound asleep. A person might think he had a sleep problem. He did, actually. It was called not going to bed before 2:00 in the morning. The teachers tried talking to him about it, and he always promised to do better, but he never did.

In math class he would lay his head down on his desk, and soon he was out. One day he fell asleep and rolled his face onto the wire rings...

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Larry Duhammel’s memory block.  He was my 6th grade teacher at Hillcrest School (1968-69)

Recently the pastor of Nine Mile Methodist Church was transferred to a new parish. The church ladies wanted to give her a special gift of farewell. Parishioner Marilyn Gibson shared the experience with me:

Pastor Shalimar Holderly served as pastor of the Nine Mile United Methodist Church, Fort Wayne for eight years. In 2014 she was transferred to another church. This expected move was announced in spring and the congregation knew they would miss her and the memorable programs she started. They...

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