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St. Joe-St. Elizabeth preschool students at Fabric and Friends Shop. In the back row are shop owners Deb and Stacey Roehm, Preschool Teacher Sharen Gall and Preschool Aide Lanette Gallagher.On January 25, the four-year-old preschoolers of St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School visited the quilting shop Fabric and Friends in Roanoke. The preschoolers made quilting squares and a bookmark and took part in a scavenger hunt on the field trip. Each preschooler was given a small hand-made quilt which showed the image of Jesus and the words of the Our Father prayer.

The preschoolers had been doing simple quilting projects in class before the field trip. Sharen Gall is the preschool teacher at St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School. Fabric and Friends shop is owned by Deb and Stacey Roehm.

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