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Gelaine Listenberger, Billie Blush, Jude Stark, Nancy Lee, Linda KreischerDIVINE SECRETS OF THE YAYA SISTERHOOD


Dear Readers,

This will not be the first time I have written a column about the Yaya's. We formed our Yaya Sisterhood about two years ago, right after the book came out. We have 18 members now, and are we having fun or what?? We get together as often as the weather, money and need arises. Then, to my shock, the Yaya Sisterhood came out in a movie. I think all of us were concerned that the movie could in no way live up to the book. Nevertheless, all but three of us were able to make it to the Fort for the movie. We were not disappointed. We did miss the water tower episode which was omitted from the movie. Maybe because they had to be careful not to show nude 16 year old girls climbing and swimming in a water tower. But we knew where it was supposed to be, and imagined it! If you are female, and went to school in the late 40's and 50's I hope you won't miss the opportunity to read this book and/or see the movie. I'm not one to plug products but I can see why the book became a National Best Seller. What gets me is that I could have written the book myself! Isn't that always the way? We have talked for years about writing a book about ourselves, even before we started calling ourselves the Yaya's, and always just referred to ourselves as "the gang." When we became Yaya's we expanded our group! All of us graduated from Elmhurst High School in 1959. It was the changing of times in our society. As the world plunged into the 60's, it seems that the good times we had were lost on the newer kids coming out of high school. The restrictions, the taboos, and the secrecy of girls was unfortunately opened up, and everybody talked or wrote about everything to everyone! We had wonderful secrets. Girl secrets. Boys were in the world but they were not part of our secret society of girls. Times have changed, but our memories of life then and the cherished memories will last forever. We are even talking about staying together till death do us part. We are planning for our futures, and even if we are sick and pitiful we will all join together to make one whole person. Surely one will still be able to hear, and one can see, and one can think clearly. Yes, we plan to be together forever. I rummaged through some old pictures and came up with a graduation picture of some of us. We were together then and we are together now! We began our journey in Kindergarten and will be together till the end of our lives. We are our own security blanket, or help in time of need. We are only a phone call away from each other. We sadly remember our Suzie Christie who recently died, but she is with us still. And she joins us from heaven. We kept a seat open for her at the theater when we went to see the Yaya movie. She is with us at all our gatherings. We all realize at some time in the future, one of us will be left sitting at a big table alone with a lot of empty plates and chairs, but as long as even one of us is left, then we will survive. The bonds that join us cannot be broken by death. If you have an afternoon off, go see The Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood, and let me know your feelings about the movie!


Sincerely, Mae

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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