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Boy Scout Troup 38 taking a rest after hosting a hike for Cub Scout Pack 3038’s Webelos Scouts last February. The Webelos Scouts needed the hike to complete requirements for the Arrow Of Light Award.By Ray McCune


I want to thank Anthony Wayne Area Council and everyone responsible for presenting me with the Council Patch. I love scouting but on a lower level than a lot of people. I love to teach boys, that have never held a pocketknife, how to whittle. I like seeing the eager looks in their eyes when they first learn to tie a bowline without using the stupid 'rabbit around the tree' routine which could cost them their life if they had to tie the knot quickly around their waist while being swept down a swollen river. And when a mother comes to a meeting and asks me if her son really did bake a cake in a Dutch oven, I take pride in relating how he did it.

And nothing beats the look on the parent's faces as their boy or boys (in my case) go forward to receive their awards at the Troop's Court Of Honor. Oh, and have you seen how proud and tall a boy stands after his mother pins his Eagle Scout Award on his chest? Nothing makes me prouder than when one of the Eagle Scouts from my troop drops by on a holiday to tell me how much he enjoys the military, college, or thanks me for accepting a midnight collect call from him when he needed to talk to someone about a problem. I guess a Scoutmaster is always a Scoutmaster to those boys that were in his troop. To me, true Scouting takes place on the Troop/Pack level and I guess I'm just an old Boy Scout at heart because I still love to camp, cook, sleep, and tramp in the outdoors. Again, thank you for the award; I appreciate it. I'll see ya out there on the trail or on the water.



Starting Memorial Day weekend, the Scout Store will be open Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.



May is Troop Uniform Inspection month. Be sure to schedule a uniform inspection of your troop. Each member of your unit should be in a complete clean uniform anytime there is a meeting or anytime the troop will be making a public appearance (parade, Scout day at the ball park, Boy Scout Week, etc); it's the best advertisement a Troop can have.



In our last Smoke Signals Column (May 1, 2002 issue of THE WAYNEDALE NEWS) we forgot to mention that Mr. Jerry Lloyd, Scoutmaster of Troop 38 sponsored by Calvary United Methodist Church, was chosen as Troop 38's 'UNIT SCOUTER OF THE YEAR'. Way to go Jerry; you've certainly earned the title and good luck on taking the reins of troop leadership as Troop 38's new scoutmaster.



Anita "Nana" Weyer, Troop 44's newest Assistant Scoutmaster and Troop 38's Committee Chairman will undergo Order of the Arrow 'Ordeal' induction the weekend of May 17-19, 2002 at Camp Chief Little Turtle OA Spring Fellowship, Pleasant Lake, Indiana. Nana, as she likes to be called, was voted into the organization by votes from her peers and fellow scouters. Although the 'Ordeal' is a secret ritual, she was told ahead to bring gloves to help with service projects around the camp and that there might be one rather quiet and hungry day in store for her. Although not a completely easy ritual, we're sure Nana can do it after all she went through Scoutmaster Training and made two trips to South Dakota with a van load of teenage boys didn't she?

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