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This past week I finally broke down and purchased an Apple iPod. An iPod is an MP3 player. You can listen to MP3 files on this little (size of a deck of cards) walkman jukebox.

As soon as I saw the box that housed the iPod I knew that this was something special. It came in a box shaped like a cube and opened up almost like a puzzle. Inside was a CD for software I needed to use it, and the iPod. I was like a kid getting a new toy for Christmas. After checking out the iPod I plugged it into my Mac and was amazed by the simplicity, not only did I not need the software from the CD, I didn't have to install anything, my Mac knew exactly what to do.

Those that still do not know what an iPod is, first let me explain the vocabulary needed to understand it. MP3 is a file format like a Word Document or a Photo File on your computer; an MP3 is short for M-Peg Layer 3. MP3s are essentially a music file, that is highly compressed so that it doesn't take up much space.

In the digital music world there are several ways to listen and play MP3 files. Your computer can convert CDs into MP3 files, and play them. You can the burn these MP3 files onto a disc that can either be a standard audio disc or a MP3 disc which can hold about 150 songs on one CD. MP3 disc players are now available for car players and now small compact CD player that look like a CD walkman, except they can play MP3 CDs.

Also there are MP3 players like the iPod, these you can find at your local Wal-mart or Circuit City. The size of the memory determines how much music you can put on one. Some have removable memory cards so you can store about 3-4 CDs on something the size of a postage stamp.

The iPod is not a MP3 CD player, it houses the MP3 on an internal hard drive. It's not like an MP3 player because it doesn't have any removable memory. The iPod comes with an optional 5 gigabyte hard drive or 10 gigabyte hard drive. I have the larger 10G iPod which is capable of holding 2000 songs or about 9 days worth of music.

Also unlike any other MP3 player I've seen, the iPod uses a firewire connection to connect to your computer. Other MP3 players use USB or a serial port to upload songs to the MP3 player. The total time to upload my small library of 400 songs took about two minutes.

Not only does the new iPod play songs, it will also hold my many contacts like a rolodex. I highly recommend picking up one of these bad boys. www.apple.com.

I'm not getting compensated by apple for touting this marvel of an invention, but I am always willing to call attention to something that innovates and blows everything else like it out of the water. Way to go Steve Jobs.

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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