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Below is Waynedaler Mike Willman lining up on the eight ball. Mike plays in (PLAYFAIR LEAGUES) Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  Hobbies are riding his Harley Davidson and his favorite Pro Football team is the Indianapolis Colts. Mike owns a lawn care service.Hello I have Waynedaler Mike Willman and (2) Tournaments to cover this issue.


First the Valentines Scotched Doubles Tournament held Sat. Feb. 9th, 2002 at Mickey & Billys in Southtown Mall.

1st Place and Champions: Laura Webber & Mike Hoppel

2nd Place (Runner Up): Melissa Turnpaugh & Arnold Helgesen

3rd Place: Cindy Wigfield & Paul Conway

4th Place: Juana Fuentes & John Adamonis


Next the (4) Man Team Tournament held Sat. Feb. 23th, 2002 at Side Pocket Pub in Georgetown North.

1st Place (Champions): Max Krause, Jimmy Jenkens, Chad Tillman, Dave Sloan

2nd Place (Runner Up): Troy Emerson, Dean Emerson, Tommy Mennewisch, Travis Mennewisch

3rd Place: Tony Goodman, Roger Sipes, Carl D'Agostino, John Sherman

4th Place: Ed Lee, Danny Mata, Larry Duke Sr., Brad Pio


Congratulations to all!


Until next issue Practice, Practice, Practice.

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