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Boy Scouts of America is very pleased to see the passage of the Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act. The Act, which was signed into law by President Bush on January 8, 2002, prevents a public school or other educational agency from refusing to allow Boy Scouts equal access to school facilities for the purpose of holding meetings. Scouting always has had a constitutional right to equal access in public schools, but now the Department of Education is required to secure compliance with that right through a variety of means, including the withholding of federal funds from a public school that denies Scouting equal access.

The Act recognizes that many public elementary schools, public secondary schools, local educational agencies, and state educational agencies authorize one or more other outside youth or community groups to meet on school premises or in school facilities before or after school hours. If a school does so, then it:

Must grant any group officially affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America equal access to meet on school premises or in school facilities;

Must grant any group officially affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America a fair opportunity to meet on school premises or in school facilities; and

Must not discriminate against any group officially affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America.

The law is clear that a public school must not deny access or discriminate against Scouting "for reasons based on the membership or leadership criteria or out of allegiance to God and country." The Act, however, does not require schools to sponsor any group officially affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, i.e. schools do not have to charter Packs or Troops.

This means that if a public school receives federal funds and allows other youth or community groups to use its facilities for meetings, it must allow Boy scouts to use the facilities on the same basis as those other groups. A school cannot treat Boy Scouts differently in any way, even if it claims to be acting in accordance with a non-discrimination policy or other law. The Act also prohibits discriminatory behavior such as charging Boy Scouts a higher fee than other groups or placing restrictions on Boy Scout meetings that are not placed on other groups' meetings.

The Act does not force a school or agency to give preferential treatment to Boy Scouts; it simply requires that Boy Scouts be treated the same as any other group seeking access to school facilities. The Act requires Secretary of Education Rod Paige to secure compliance with the Act through the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights in the same way that other federal civil rights laws are enforced. If a school does not comply with the Act, then any federal funds made available through the Department of Education may be taken away.

While the Act does not explicitly address the distributions of Scouting literature, the Constitution protects Boy Scouts' right of equal access to schools' methods of literature distribution to the same extent as it protects Boy Scouts' right of equal access to use of school facilities. We are working to have the Act interpreted in a way so Boy Scouts will have non-discriminatory access to school methods of literature distribution. We will keep you informed of further developments. In the meantime, if a public school considers discriminating against any Scouting group with respect to literature distribution, it is our position that such action is unconstitutional and may also violate federal law and jeopardize federal funding.


Chief Scout Roy Williams

(Reprinted from of THE COURIER – the official messenger of the Anthony Wayne Area Council- page 13)




Portage Creek Camp Association is offering each and every patriotic citizen of Waynedale, Indiana - a FREE – 3-inch by 4-inch peel-and-stick - US Flag decal. Put it on your car, truck, RV, SUV, boat, motorcycle, refrigerator, bicycle, bathtub, tricycle, walking stick, wheelchair, shotgun, scooter, or baby carriage. Show the world you aren't about to forget what happened 9/11/01. Stop by The WAYNEDALE NEWS at 2700 Lower Huntington Road and pick up your FREE decal as soon as you can. Have more than one automobile? You may pick up additional decals for a donation of 50 cents each. Donations to benefit Boy Scout Troop 44.



Betty Drinkut, Marilyn Fleischman, Mark Krider, Charles Schrimper, Dale Widman, Steve Zollman, and Robert Tonkel Jr.




The time of the sale has been announced as the garage at the Scout Cabin (corner of Lower Huntington Road and Ardmore Avenue) is almost full but we still have room for more.


We have something for everyone including a dishwasher, a boat trailer, a truck cap, lawn furniture, a ceiling fan, radios, VCR players, a VCR tape rewinder, a table saw, a table lathe/jig saw, lamps, coolers, baby clothes, telephones, an electric typewriter, large truck inner tubes, and various assorted camping equipment (stoves, lanterns, propane tanks, hard hats, etc. PLUS – There's stuff we haven't even un-boxed yet.

Have a garage sale last fall and don't know what to do with all the 'leftovers'? Are you still sorting through all the stuff Aunt Maggie left you in her will, attic, basement, and closets? Did someone give you a gift at the last 'white elephant' party you attended and you want to get rid of it? Got a garage/basement/attic you want emptied of its contents? Want to get rid of old toys, tools, cooking utensils, furniture, etc. after Christmas to make room for the new stuff? Move and haven't unpacked all the boxes and don't know what's in them and haven't missed the stuff? Don't open them; call Portage Creek Camp Association at 747-4535.

The members said they are willing to come to your house to pick up your donations. You may drop off your donations at the Scout Cabin but you must call first and arrange for someone to meet you there. Please don't drop anything off in front of the door; it will only get wet or be stolen. Call and have someone meet you there PLEASE. Take a FREE tour of the Boy Scout Cabin while you're there.

Don't throw it out; call Jack Shepard at 436-2422, for a 'free' pickup. For more information about Boy Scouting in the Waynedale area, contact Ray McCune at Portage Creek Camp Association, 2700 Lower Huntington Road or call him at 747-4535 or call Committee Chairman Walt Pressler at 436-9462.



Boy Scout Troop 44 is looking for some good used uniforms. Are you or your boy finished with scouting? Do you have some old uniforms or uniform parts (belt, shirt, pants, socks) laying around in dresser drawers or hanging in the back of a closet? Please donate these items to Troop 44. We have boys in need of uniforms right now. Call Scoutmaster Jack Shepard at 436-2422, Chartered Organization Representative Ray McCune at 747-6512 for pickup, or drop the items off at THE WAYNEDALE NEWS, 2700 Lower Huntington Road. Items donated are tax deductible.

The Waynedale News Staff
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