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Dear Curley Sue,

I am trying to get my hair long for my wedding. I heard if I cut it it will grow faster- is that true?

Bride to be


Dear Bride,

No- cutting your hair will not make it grow faster. BUT- if you trim it every so often the ends will not split and you will see length. Your hair will also look healthier as you go through the awkward stages. Keep conditioning it so it will be healthy. Remember- hair grows 1/2 inch a month!!

Curley Sue


Dear Curley Sue,

I color my hair but I have certain areas that don't seem to take the color as well as others. Any suggestions?

Leppord Spots


Dear Leppord,

Some hair is hard to color. For example, the hair around the temples, if it is grey, may be more resistant. Also, the top and crown may have this same problem. Try a few minutes longer on your trouble spots at first then apply to the rest of the hair.




ANSWER: BLONDES- approx. 140,00
(It would take you 39 hours to count each strand if you have some time on your hands!)


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