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Hello Pool Players here are 3 of Playfair's hottest league players right now.

Kevin Briner plays Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday Leagues. He is in the top 5 in every category. He helps run the Saturday Night Pool Tournaments at Mickey and Billy‚s and he always finishes in the money.

Max Kraus. Max plays on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday night leagues and his teams are all in first place plus last weekend Max's team won 1st place at the Side Pocket Pub.

Pictured above is Tori Walburn; she plays on Monday night women's league and Wednesday night men's league. Monday night league she has high average, most 10 zips and most 8 on the breaks, which is 4. On Wednesday last week she made the eight on the break against Scott Vinson. WOW!

Congratulations you three deserve it. Until next issue practice, practice, practice.

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