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A small six sided, lacy friend that only shows its face,
When humidity, high temperature and low clouds are in place.


You have to look each time it snows to see if it's just right,
And if it is you're really blessed to witness such a sight.


For each wee flake is so unique; no two of them the same.
Were it possible to capture one you could grace it with a name.


Yet they're only here just long enough to make you ooh and awe,
And wonder; is it possible you saw just you saw?


And so it is like you and I each unique in look and size.
Sent down to earth one of a kind to grow and crystallize.


And just as God knows snowflakes, where they fall and when they land,
He knows each precious one of you, how you walk and where you stand.


So when it snows this precious, transparent patterned ice,
Remember what went into you to make you so precise.


And know that Heavenly Father is very much aware
Of all the ins and outs of you. Yes, he knows the how and where.


Of each happy face or tear filled eye, each dream and passing whim;
For again just like the snowflake, you were once at home with him.


Author Unknown –

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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