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This Christmas, I have a secret that I can and must share with you. There is a string attached to something that I love to do, and I'm going to share it with you, because I love you. It is guaranteed to make you smile and run and jump with joy. Why, you can even run into the wind and feel your spirit soaring and dancing among the clouds. It tugs at your heartstrings and promises to untangle any and all knots. I get excited just thinking about it, don't you? Just think about being able to run into the wind with a big smile on your face - running and jumping with a joy-filled spirit - soaring like an eagle. Who wouldn't want to? Well, believe you me, there are some that would rather stay Earth-bound in self-pity, self-doubt, and just plain selfishness. Well, you and I are not among them, now are we? Are we?

I brought along enough string for all of us. Take what you need now and for the future. Attach it to something good, that brings comfort, happiness, joy and a great big smile. I will give you a few ideas, and once you become accustomed to attaching your string - your spirit - to positive thoughts, people, and places, you will find the more you practice, the better you become. You could use your string to mark your place in a good book. You could string some mementos on it and wear it around your neck and close to your heart. Use it to tie a package you will send to a friend. Ask someone that also has a string of joy if you can add yours and the two of you go together and find another, until you have formed a circle of friends with love and respect.

Now that we have given and received love and respect, let's GO FLY A KITE! Come along with me to the beach. We will run into the wind and our spirits will be soaring with ocean breezes as our kites take flight. Oh, don't you feel it? The love and light from the universe? From loved ones in Spirit? From Mother Earth? From friends and family? Feel the balance, the harmony. This is beautiful - my mind is filled with positive thoughts of love and compassion for all that God has created. We can and will fly high in Christ consciousness when we let go of our negativity and pick up our positive string - our spirit - and attach it to the beauty of our higher self, to the universe of love and light. As the breeze picks up, our spirits are lifted up, and we can travel the universe.

Let's go to a powwow! Do you hear the drums? Some say they are the heart beat of the Creator. Let us gather in the sacred circle and enter from the East, the direction of Illumination, and to the South, where we learn of Innocence and Trust, as we go around the circle to the Looks-Within Place - the West. And onward and upward to Wisdom - Spiritual Wisdom. We see now the colors and the animal totems that we can reflect on for our balance and harmony. The Gold of the morning sun in the East, and the eagle that can bring us illumination as it flies high into the heavens, delivering our prayers. The South direction of new growth as reflected in the color green, and the animal total of the deer running through the tall grasses of innocence and trust. Dancing around the circle, we come to the West - The Looks-Within Pace. We reflect on the Black Bear and its color as we look within ourselves. ‑And move to the North, the direction of our Spiritual Wisdom, and the colors of Red and White, as we reflect on the Buffalo, and gain wisdom from the Native American Indian ways and the white European and American ways.

This is a good time to start reeling in our kites, winding our strings - our spirits - around Love, Light, Balance, and Harmony, knowing that we have flown our kites in Peace, and as we stand together now in this sacred circle upon our Earth Mother, let us sing our song of joy, that will bring its refreshing breezes for the next time we fly our Spirit Kites.


"When white men found this land, Indians were running it. There were: no taxes, no debt, plenty buffalo, plenty beaver, Medicine Man FREE, women did all the work, and men hunted and fished all the time. The white man was dumb enough to think he could improve on that system!"

— Lekhiket

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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