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We got lost in the Hoosier National Forest. Should have listened to the crows who warned "Be Careful." When we realized we had lost our way, it was not long until Jane saw a red-tailed hawk circling in the sky. When he was out of sight, she said, "We must go this way." I had thoughts of doubt about the whole thing. How did Jane know that red-tailed hawk was showing her the direction we were to travel? Why not me? After all, I'm the Indian! This day was to be a test of faith: a day of letting go of that ego that keeps creeping up. A day of total surrender to Spirit - to God the Creator.

Exhausted and at times ready to give up, but driven by the love of Jane, her vision, determination and unwavering faith, we pressed on. Just ahead on our path there was a turtle - the most beautiful one ever. He said, "This is the direction you are to travel." We walked hand in hand to the path that led back to our camp and opened the door to Faith.

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