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Congratulations to Alan Moloney. He placed in the Top 10 at Mickey & Billy's Midwest Classic 9 Ball Tournament on October 21st and 22nd. This tournament paid out over $15,000 in prize money. In August and September, Alan also won 2-eight ball tournaments in a row.

Also congratulations is in order for Kevin Briner. Kevin won the last eight ball tournament in October stopping Alan from winning 3 in a row. This tournament is the first Saturday of every month and the starting time is 5pm. It is a race to 3-eight ball, loser breaks at Mickey & Billy's in the Southtown Mall.

Another great place to play pool is the Side Pocket Pub in the Georgetown area. Eight ball tournaments every Thursday evening with a break and run side pot, plus an eight ball tournament the last Saturday of the month. For more information call the Side Pocket Pub and ask for either John Lewis or Brock Able, tournament directors.

Do you need a pool table re-felted or a pool stick fixed? Contact Alan Moloney at 219-927-0647 or Troy Emerson at 219-868-5388. Afterwards ask Alan Moloney to play you in a game of pool. You will see why he is the #1 player in town. Or challenge Troy Emerson in jumping over balls. He is #1 in town in that area.

See, you can get some free lessons along with your table felted. Until the next issue, practice, practice, practice.

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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