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(Left) Scouts, Scouters and parents from Troop 38 sponsored by Calvary United Methodist Church, Waynedale showing off their new tents at the Council Camporee at The Kruse Auction Park in Auburn,  October 5-7, 2001.TROOP 44 NEEDS HELP FROM WAYNEDALE'S CITIZENS

Boy Scout Troop 44 (which meets on Monday nights at 7pm, at the Boy Scout Cabin located at the corner of Lower Huntington Road and Ardmore Avenue) is on the mend. They have been recruiting leaders and as of last meeting night they have seven more leaders signed up and are now recruiting boys to fill their ranks.

Are you a former member or leader of Troop 44? Come join Portage Creek Camp Association, the chartered organization that sponsors Troop 44; they are also recruiting new members. Don't have a lot of time? Donate just 1 hour a month to our meetings and help support the oldest Boy Scout Troop in Waynedale.

Mike Evans, a former Troop member and Eagle Scout, has just signed on as an Assistant Scoutmaster and is asking all former members of Troop 44 to join him in ". . . giving back to our troop more than the troop has given to us." Troop 44 has been around for over 50 years (actual date of origin is not available at this time but some former members have told us they were in the troop back in the 40s and can remember collecting things for the war effort).

Troop 44 has been on a down hill run for the last few years but is up and running again and picking up speed, so I've been told. They are having a fund raising drive and are asking the good citizens of Waynedale and the surrounding area to ". . . donate all your antiques and collectibles to our upcoming garage sale. It will be called, 'TROOP 44'S FIRST ANNUAL MOST AWSOME HUMONGUS WAYNEDALE-WIDE GARAGE SALE OF THE CENTURY' (Monetary Donations Accepted). I would like to say I just made up the name of the sale, but it gives you an idea as to what the Troop is aiming for. The time of the sale will be announced in this column in the very near future.

Had a garage sale and don't know what to do with the 'leftovers'? Are you still sorting through all the stuff Aunt Millie left you in her will, attic, basement, and closets? Someone give you a gift at the last 'white elephant' party you attended and you want to get rid of it? Got a garage/basement/attic you want emptied of its contents? Moved a while back and haven't unpacked all the boxes and don't know what's in them and haven't missed the stuff? Don't open them; call Troop 44. The leaders said they are willing to come to your house to pick up your donations. You may drop off your donations at the Scout Cabin but you must call first and arrange for someone to meet you there. Please don't drop anything off in front of the door; it will only get wet or be stolen. Call and have someone meet you there PLEASE. Take a FREE tour of the Boy Scout Cabin while you're there. "Don't throw it out; call a Boy Scout."

Call Scoutmaster John Mortimer at 672-9769, Assistant Scoutmaster Jack Shepard at 436-2422, or Assistant Scoutmaster Jay Hughes at 744-0807 for 'free' pickup. For more information about Troop 44 or about Boy Scouting in the Waynedale area, contact me (Ray McCune), at the Portage Creek Camp Association, 2700 Lower Huntington Road here in Waynedale or call me at 747-4535 or call Walt Pressler, Committee Chairman at 436-9462.



Something we just learned: Saint Aloysius School Cub Scout Pack 3357 is alive and well and meets in the school basement each month. For information about their next meeting please call the school or the Pack's Cubmaster, Chad Ware at 744-0290. THE WAYNEDALE NEWS would like to hear more from this pack. Is Saint Aloysius considering starting a Boy Scout Troop?



Brrrr! Winter is almost here and that means cold weather camping, but it doesn't mean you have to be cold when you camp. Use this checklist to help you. First and foremost: BE PREPARED!

*Long sleeve shirt

*Warm gloves and or mittens

* Long pants

* Waterproof hiking boots

* Long underwear

* Insulated coat with hood

* Extra socks

* Rain gear

* Warm hat

* Sunscreen

* Sweater

* Chapstick

* Canteen full of water

* Snacks to keep inner fire stoked

* Pocket knife

* Small personal pocket First Aid Kit

* 10 feet parachute cord

* Clean handkerchief

* Scarf or neck muffler

* Clean underwear (Mom says)

* Matches in a match safe

* Toilet paper/paper towels in a Ziploc bag

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