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Saturday’s Miami Indian Heritage Days will feature Dani Tippman on “Miami Harvest: Edible and Usable Plants and Materials”.

Sponsored by the History Center, Miami Indian Heritage Days programs are held from 1-4 pm on the first Saturday of the month, May through November, and feature local artists, performers, and representatives from the Miami Indians and other Native American groups demonstrating aspects of their lasting heritage for the public to enjoy.

Admission for each Saturday event is  $7 adults and $5 students and seniors. History Center members and children ages 5 and under are free. Admission also includes the opportunity to visit the Chief Richardville House, 5705 Bluffton Road, Fort Wayne.

Persons visiting the Chief Richardville House can also view a Miami long house that is currently under construction.

The fall program continues on October 2 when The Miami Indian Alliance of Miami Indians present traditional wikiami building and cattail matting. November 6 and 7 are Traders Days.

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