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Part III of IV

A few days passed and the last two dwarfettes were wondering who would be next with these strange events.

Heathero loved to skip flat stones on the water and she was getting very good at it. She was alone on the beach and randomly picked and picked up a stone that was perfect for skipping. She bent over and snatched it from the sand. She got ready and threw it onto the top of the water. It skipped fifteen times! But this time the spots where the stone skipped turned into large pads that looked like snowshoes. They didn't move and looked solid.

She remembered Hollyo and the flat water on which she danced. So taking a chance, she stepped on the first pad and then another and yet another! This was fun walking from pad to pad. She felt very secure. The pads were taking her under the bridge. Can you imagine the drivers and passengers on the bridge? Cars stopped and passengers got out to see this wonder of a gal who was walking on water by pads.

Finally she continued until she reached Mackinac Island. Again, when the people on the shore saw her coming there was great excitement.

As Heathro stepped onto the dock, they all applauded and showered her with fudge and drinks.

Soon it was getting late and Heathro was wondering how she could get back. She thought, "It was skipping stones that brought me here. I'll try that way again."

She skipped a stone and wham! There were two pads this time. So she stepped onto the two pads and off she went. It was like being on water skis. What fun!
Under the bridge she went, stopping all the traffic again.

Pretty soon she was back on the beach. The other dwarfettes were glad to see her and glad that she was okay.

Heathro made sure she put the skipping stone in her bottle. She would never forget that incredible experience.

Heidi was the last dwarfette left, what would she find for her bottle?

Author: Hal Vizino
About This Author
A resident of Winterset Neighborhood Association, he is excellent artist & story teller. Hal author's a children's column in the newspaper. He became interested in writing children's stories and dedicating them to his four granddaughters. Read More...

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