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We've just about arrived at spring, the time when many people spruce up their homes, yards and other parts of their surroundings. This year, why not extend that practice a little further and give your financial and investment environment a good "spring cleaning"?

Here are a few suggestions for doing just that:

•Reduce duplication. If you've ever worked to "de-clutter" your home, you may have discovered a lot of extraneous items. Did you really need three blenders? Did you have more remote...

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by Marissa Shrock
Kregel Publications, 978-0-8254-4357-2
PB 235 pages, $14.99

This dystopian futuristic young adult novel challenges the mind and soul of readers. In the future United Regions of North America, Vivica Wilkins appears to be a normal sixteen-year-old girl despite being the daughter of a governor. Even after she defends a pregnant girl in her school from being treated harshly by Population Management, Vivica believes in what the government tries to do. That is...

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A lecture and book signing with
William Heath
Sunday, April 12, 2015, 2pm
Free to the public

William Wells and the Struggle for the Old Northwest is the first significant biography of Indiana's most prominent frontiersman, who played a key role in the early history of Fort Wayne. Wells Street and Spy Run are named for him. Captured by the Eel River Miami in 1784, he grew up to be a Miami warrior named Blacksnake. He fought for his father-in-law, Little Turtle, at Harmar's defeat (1790) in Fort...

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Last weekend, audiences taught studios a lesson about underestimating girls and women at the box office. Home more than doubled its estimated opening weekend earnings, thanks to its lovable characters and diverse cast, enticing both adults and children to the theater.

Home tells the story of the unlikely friendship between Oh (Jim Parsons) and Tip (Rihana), as they struggle to reunite Tip with her mother (Jennifer Lopez) and to save the planet from an invasion from a hostile alien race. It all...

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It's unfortunate but true: The elderly population is targeted for financial abuse or exploitation. In fact, by some estimates, this type of targeted abuse results in billions of dollars in losses each year. If you have elderly parents, what signs should you watch for to determine their vulnerability? And what can you do to help protect your parents from being victimized?

In regard to the first question — signs of vulnerability — the most important thing to watch for is your parents' mental...

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Embracing the subversive power of repentance
by Mark Van Steenwyk
InterVarsity Press
PB, 188 pages, $12.80

The Kingdom of God is not what we think it is. In fact, it isn't even a kingdom. Mark Steenywyk, former pastor and cofounder of the Christian commune the Mennonite Worker, challenges readers with radical ideas like this in his book. Steenwyk does not preach from a soap box, but he levels evenly with colloquial language to address the problems of American...

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