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If you follow the herd, sooner or later your shoes are going to stink as bad as your decision to follow the herd.

The Big Wiener
Tyson Foods is buying Hillshire Brands, (the maker of Ball Park hot dogs and other products), for over 8 billion dollars. One might say that even though Tyson will be the surviving company...the Hillshire owners and stockholders will be the real wieners!

Sweet Tweet
Little Drewsie was sitting in church,
He was full of gas,
He couldn't hold it any longer,
So he let it...

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Did you ever wonder what a full moon is full of?

"Martin," a friend asked, "how many kids do you have?"
"How many do you want?"

The Prayer
In the 1930s, Hockey Mylott was the eighth grade boys' basketball coach at St. Joseph's Grade School. Before each game, the boys would get into a huddle and say a Hail Mary to protect the team from injuries and spur them on to victory. When things weren't going well Hockey would yell at the kids, "G— damn it, get into that damn huddle and...

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Are you ready for this? September is National Preparedness Month. Sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Preparedness Month seeks to educate Americans on preparing for natural disasters and other types of emergencies. But you'll also need to prepare for unexpected events in many other areas of your life — particularly those events related to the financial security of you and your family.

Here are some of the most important of these events, along with possible...

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I am one of those sad people who gets pretty worked up if an animal is injured or killed in a movie. There's a whole website, DoestheDogDie.com, that caters to the needs of people like me. I should have figured, then, that the way to guarantee suspense in a crime movie was to put a puppy at the center of some serious threats. The Drop does just that and the result is something like The Godfather meets Old Yeller.

In The Drop, Bob (Tom Hardy) works as a bartender in his cousin Marv's (the late...

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A WOMAN'S HEART FOR GOD: Drawing Closer to the Lover of Your Soul
by Sheila Cragg Worthy
978-1-617951-59-6, PB
235 pages, $14.99

Cragg knows about true pain and chaos in life. Taking care of her ailing husband while still doing duties as a mother and grandmother sometimes became overwhelming. She shares her experiences of finding hope, even when facing physical exhaustion, emotionally low points, and spiritual dryness. Her suggestions are solid and are reinforced by Scripture, but her target...

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Last weekend, I saw one of the worst movies I've seen in years—The November Man. Like with Winter's Tale, I'm going to tell you about the whole story, because I'm not recommending that you suffer through it yourself.

The November Man opens with the high-speed car chase and exchange of fire you'd expect in an action movie. Natalia Ulanova (Mediha Musliovic) is trying to escape from "the Russians" because she's flipped and is helping the CIA (I think). Just when things get dire, Devereaux...

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