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Ode to the Summer Movie

A Review by Kasey Butcher


It's July let's give a cheer.
And summer movies all are here.
So load the friends up in the car
To check out some sequels that are up to par.
A second movie's hard to do
But Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle and Red, White, and Blonde really pull through.

The former stars some real cool chicks
The Angel's love to get (and give) their power kicks.
Cameron Diaz plays Natalie
She's sweet, she's brilliant, and kind of silly.
Alex is played by Lucy Lui...

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Oooooohhh I just have to tell you, we just got back off vacation and almost everywhere I went the food was delicious and I tried all kinds of different things. I'm so stuffed I could just pop a girdle stave. In fact I had to get one in a bigger size. You know you can't hardly find a decent girdle anywhere anymore. The best places to go are to those little shops where you get medical stuff like wheelchairs and walkers.

Wayne said that he saw them use a girdle like mine on that animal rescue...

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Dear Mr. Barleycorn, 

As per Doctor B's opinion on outside issues, in the last Here's To Your Health article, it seems Doctor B is making complicated stuff of something simple! When a sponsor works Step 4, (made a searching and fearless truth inventory of ourselves), and Step 5: (admitted to God and another human being the exact nature of our wrongs), it almost always fixes their other phobia's, disorders, symptoms and alcoholism and addictions. So long as they continue through the rest...

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The Cost of True Freedom

Reflections on American Independence Day


How can a people so diverse as Americans, live together in true freedom? It is so easy for us to be divided by so many factors: race, religion, philosophy, socio-economic status, national origins, and...well, you fill in the blank!

At the most basic level, though, we all breathe the same air. We all drink the same water. We all live on the same planet. And we all have dreams or hopes for ourselves and for our families....

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Fourteen years ago, way way back in 1989, a man named Rob Reiner brought When Harry Met Sally to the silver screen. The movie, starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal proved to have real staying power and became one of the most beloved romantic comedies since (umm) Some Like it Hot. When I heard that Reiner was behind the recent movie Alex & Emma I was excited, but apprehensive. "Perhaps," I thought, "he will deliver yet another classic." I was worried however that the film would be a weak...

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Oooooohhh I just have to tell you, my cute little Tubby Hubby Wayne and I went restaurant hopping the other night. We hopped around to different restaurants where I had coupons, got our food to go, parked somewhere, ate what we bought, and then went on to the next restaurant and the next course. We started out at Wendy's and had one of their Ceasar salads. It was oooooooohhhhhhhh soooo good with that delicious Ranch Dressing on it. We had extra croutons and bacon bits in the glove...

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