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As Americans, we're used to thinking that we will inevitably do better than our parents' generation. But, for now at least, this type of progress may be facing some roadblocks — and this inability to gain ground, financially, can have real implications for today's younger people and their approach to investing.

Before we get to the investment component, though, let's quickly review the nature of the problem. In a nutshell, younger Americans — those in their twenties and thirties — have accrued...


It's a pretty common marketing tactic for horror movies to claim they're the scariest movie of the year, but rarely can they deliver on that promise. The Conjuring, however, is actually the scariest movie I've seen in a long time. The Conjuring is based on the case files of famed demonologists Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) and the experiences they had with the Perron family as they deal with a host of ghosts and a particularly dark presence in their historic farmhouse...


by Cindy Thomson Tyndale
978-1-4143-6843-6, PB, 396 pages
Grace McCaffery has finally escaped from Ireland to get a new start in New York City. She is enthralled by how her new camera can capture meaning in her dark world. However, when Grace finds herself the target of gangsters, that world becomes too real. Must Grace put aside her distrust of others in order to accept help from a willing police officer...and God?

This novel has an enthralling plot, and...


For quite some time now I have heard friends and family talk about Rich's Café and I am glad that I finally got the opportunity to experience the restaurant for myself firsthand. As a Fort Wayne native from the south end of town- it has taken me long enough! The wait was well worth it.

Rich's Café, has been owned by Gary Friedrich and Krista Ross since 2007. The restaurant has been through many changes over the years but the people of Waynedale consistently find it a favorite place to eat.



Jim Schindler

A kind word is never forgotten.

The Politician
Did you hear that Smith & Wesson came out with a new gun? It's called the "Politician." It won't work and you can't fire it.

Lights Out
I had four beers,
When I jumped in the car.
Thought I'd just drive home,
It's not that far.

A block from my house,
Or thereabout,
He pulled me over and
Said, "Your tail lights out."
Jim Schindler

The Quiet Place
If the majority of congress would only learn this one lesson: It is better to keep your mouth shut and...


Among the ever twisting and turning mountains, hills and vales of the Russian Caucuses live dozens of Muslim ethnic groups. Since the fall of the Soviet Union many of these have either agitated for independence or launched an outright rebellion to separate from the Russian government. Countless Russian soldiers and rebel fighters have died. But the innocent victims include school children who were taken hostage and killed. Pictures of mourning mothers and fathers brought to light the desperate...


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