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(Although this was not sent directly to us by the writer, it was sent to us by a concerned citizen.)


I was just reading Yahoo news and the San Antonio Express newspaper. You know what upsets me? People with absolutely nothing to do with their lives, so they complain on how the U.S. is treating the prisoners or "Detainees" from Afghanistan. Do you know why they are complaining? They see a picture on the news or the Internet and they see someone who is shackled and...



My Favorite Season


God has given us the different seasons of the year for our enjoyment, and we should try to enjoy each and every month that we are blessed with. However, January and February are probably my least favorite months, because living in the north, I associate these two months with colder weather and lots of snow. Since November has Thanksgiving and December has Christmas, I am really pretty content with the weather from March through December. March is the...



TRIVIA QUESTION: Which Fort Wayne college team has both father and daughter involved in its operations?

ANSWER: Indiana Tech Women's Softball Team.

The two involved are father, Dave Worrel-coach and daughter, Kristy Worrel-player. Both have their roots very deep in Waynedale.

Kristy is now playing her last year of college softball (4 years total) as a first baseman, designated hitter, and one of three team captains. Her major is Recreation Management and her...


Oooooohhhhh I just have to tell you where my tubby little hubby took me to eat recently. He took me to CASA D'ANGELO; can you imagine Wayne taking me someplace like that? And he ordered spaghetti? The messy little dear was really living on the edge that night. They won't forget him, no sir, they won't.

He is the only person I know that can slurp spasketti (his humorless little nickname for it) quicker and longer than anyone I know. When that strand comes off his plate it's traveling about...


Oft times I get letters and they are put in the Letters To The Editor column but I think this one belongs right here because it is something that concerns each and every one of us. You may be tired of hearing about gun control but you better keep alert of what is going on around us and read what this local writer has to say.

To Ray McCune, Associate Editor

I'm sending you what I call a 2nd AMENDMENT REFRESHER COURSE; use it however you want to make the public aware of their...


Dear Cindy (Cornwell),

Thank you so much for delivering copies of THE WAYNEDALE NEWS to the base, after all. Time got away from me the day I was going to stop by in person. Several people had already told me, "Nice picture and write-up." I agree!

Again, many thanks.

Pam Hestermann
122 FW Family Support
(Air Guard)


To the Editor,

The dozens of individuals who labored long and hard in the search for the body of Christina Suttle in the National Serv-All Landfill are greatly disappointed...


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