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Hi Ray,

I just came by to personally extend to you and yours a Happy and Blessed Christmas and a Wonderful Holiday for all at THE WAYNEDALE NEWS and a Blessed New Year. Barbie and I really enjoy reading the NEWS. Sorry, I missed you again.

Pete Ello


Mae (Mae Julian)

Just got my WAYNEDALE NEWS. Your article, Mae, was the most perfect gift you could ever give. It reminds me again of what I want Christmas to be – and even if it is not, all I will have to do is pull out your column again...


Yogi Berra, " Philosopher."


Yogi Berra was a very good New York Yankee baseball player that fit well into Casey Stengel's style of managing.

He was a good philosopher although reporters liked to make fun of his bits of wisdom after he was quoted as saying; "I didn't really say those things I said."

To understand Yogi's philosophy on life, one really needed to study it. One of his best is an inspiration to people rather in business or in life itself, it's good to know, "It's not over till...




Even though most who read this Devotional are in the United States, the country you live in doesn't matter. One of our responsibilities as a child of God is to be a godly citizen of the country we live in. This is accomplished primarily by obeying the laws and honoring those God has placed in leadership. Here are many scripture references that support this: Ecclesiastes 8:2, Matthew 17:27, Matthew 22:21, Romans 13:1, 1Peter 2:13, 1Peter 2:17, Ezra 7:26, Exodus...


My cousin sent this to me by E-mail and I realized I am one of the people he has described. I think all my grandfathers, my dad, my uncles, and all my brothers are also. His description goes just a little beyond what the dictionary says. Maybe we should change the dictionary. What I'm referring to is the word 'geezer'.

(From Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language (college edition)

Gee-zer (ge'zer) slang for an eccentric old man, or, rarely, woman.

(From my cousin's more...


Oooooohhhhh I just have to tell you about the nicest restaurant Bobby Stark took us to. It's a relatively new place in an old renovated movie theatre. I understand they used to show dirty movies there way back when; that was long before it became a restaurant naturally. It's the Catablu at 2441 Broadway. The menu says it's a "Gourmet American Grille", whatever that's supposed to mean. I think they spelled 'grill' wrong but the interior is done fabulously. I just love what they've done to...


Dear Cindy,

Thanks so much for the great Chanukah article. You did a great service for the community in featuring it on the front page. Your support in this endeavor is very appreciated and helps to make our goal of equality and understanding more achievable.

Seasons greetings to you and yours,

Jeff Gubitz, Executive Director

Ft. Wayne Jewish Federation



This was written two weeks after the September 11th terrorist attack. We're the proud Grandparents of the author...


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