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Some people collect stamps; others collect coins or rocks. Upland, Indiana resident Rachael Phillips collects experiences. From taking a walk to attending a festival, she absorbs life. Then she writes. No experience is too trivial for her memory or too small to spark a story.

"I love mentally to collect oddities and unique scenarios featuring what people say and do," she says.

Once she rode her bike over a bridge and saw a half-melted rotary...


Jim Schindler

I can guarantee that the person who said, "Seventy is the new thirty," has never been seventy.

Less Meat
Pedro Quezada, who won the $338 million Powerball jackpot, was asked what he was going to do with all that money. He said he could use a good car. When asked what kind of a car he had now, he replied, "My feet." If more people used their feet...perhaps this country would have a lot less meat. But on the other hand, we might have a lot more agony of de-feet.

Did you read about Dylan...


Ball State University physics professor Eric Hedin made national news recently after a complaint was made against him by the Freedom from Religion Foundation in response to his honors level course "The Boundaries of Science." Evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne at the University of Chicago joined the controversy saying that Hedin was promoting "Creationism." Coyne said that a physicist does not have the right to express professional comments about biology, which is odd considering that as an...


Kasey Butcher

Given recent controversies, it seems pretty ironic for a comedy to focus on a big tech company's reputation as an employer, innovator, and service provider. The Internship, the new movie starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson plays with Google's image as an employee-friendly and intense workplace while also attempting to critique reliance on technology to connect people with information.

The Internship centers on two watch salesmen put out of a job because no one wears a watch anymore. Billy...


"Mangia! Mangia!" Eat! Eat! That's what my pleasingly plump Italian grandmother would shout while shoving a plate of her steaming homemade ravioli in my face. You never said "no" to Grandma when it came to food. Her love was baked into every bite of lasagna, spaghetti, and rigatoni. If you refused her food, you refused her love.
I show love differently than Grandma. It isn't through food. I give cups of cold water in Jesus' name. Okay, sometimes it's bottled. Either way, it's safer than my...


We are all entitled to our opinions...no matter how erroneous.

When I was a boy,
My dad was king,
He could do,
Almost anything.

Then in my teens,
It became otherwise.
I grew taller than him
And twice as wise.

But as I aged,
Thru many a summer,
He either got smarter,
Or I got dumber.

The Monologues
Recently, at the Arts United Center, here in Fort Wayne, "The Vagina Monologues," were featured.
Hell, I didn't know they could talk!

Do polar bears really think they're cool?

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