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I can't remember the last time I was this disappointed in a movie. Monuments Men boasts an all-star cast and a story about saving art from the Nazis. "How could it not be great?" I wondered. Yet, Monuments Men squandered its rich subject matter and talented actors on a weak plot and over-reliance on sentimentality, resulting in a watchable but frustrating film.

Monuments Men follows a group of art experts and architects tasked with finding and returning artwork stolen by the German Army...

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RAGGED HOPE: Surviving the Fallout of Other People's Choices
by Cynthia Ruchti
Abingdon Press, 978-1-4267-5117-2
PB, 204 pages, $15.99

How do you deal with the pain caused by other people's choices? Cynthia Ruchti explores this question by telling the stories of 26 people who were hurt by choices made by a loved one, and how they turned to God to deal with the pain. In coping with betrayal, dishonesty, slander, rejection, and physical abuse, these courageous folks used prayer, Bible study...

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A closed mouth eats no crow.
(I've run this once before, but I have a couple of friends who need a reminder.)

On Valentine's Day,
Give her a bouquet,
A dozen roses,
Would make her day.

Beautiful jewelry,
With carats galore,
Would win her love,
For a night or more.

So Valentine's Day,
Is not for the men,
She gets what she wants,
And gives nothing to him!
~Jim Schindler

No Nasiums
Out of the four ushers last Sunday at St. Peter's, three of them were named Jim. As we were standing there waiting for...

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Even though it's only February, college financial aid officers are already gathering documents, crunching numbers and otherwise working to determine grants for the school year that starts this coming fall. If you have children you plan on sending to college, how will your own savings and investments affect their chances of getting financial aid?

The answer depends not only on how much money you have, but also where you keep it. Most colleges base their aid calculations on the Free Application...

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As technology has evolved and become increasingly integrated into seemingly every facet of our daily lives, there have been studies about how it makes people more lonely or narcissistic, or connected. Spike Jonze's Her takes a scientific Artificial Intelligence story and contemporary concerns over our dependence on technology and spins them into a surprising and touching film about technology and love.

In Her, Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) is reeling from his pending divorce from his...

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If you want to get along swimmingly... don't swim upstream.

Moms Away!
Recently, Phil and Marjorie lost their daughter, Laura, whose loves were Florida, Siesta Key, and the gulf. Shortly before her untimely demise, she asked that her remains be cremated and spread over the Gulf of Mexico, a few miles out from Siesta Key.

As her children, Chris and Aaron, were flying high above the gulf, in accordance to her wishes, they turned the urn with their mother's ashes upside down, and shouted, "Moms...

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