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All investors probably wish they had gotten in on the "ground floor" of Apple or Microsoft or any other big success story. And, in fact, you can indeed "be there from the beginning" by taking part in a company's initial public offering (IPO). However, the ground floor of many IPOs may be shakier than you'd think — and might not provide you with the solid footing you need to invest wisely.

Of course, not all IPOs are the same. Many large, profitable companies, seeking to raise capital, have...


If you watch enough movies, it starts to seem like the same stories are repeated over and over. Sometimes, though, a movie manages to infuse a shopworn story with enough creative energy to make it feel new. I found that was the case with St. Vincent.

St. Vincent is the story of Vincent (Bill Murray), a retired Vietnam War vet who spends his days drinking, smoking, and going to racetracks and strip clubs. When Maggie (Melissa McCarthy) and her son, Oliver (Jaeden Lieberher), move in next door...


by Bob Hostetler
Leafwood Press
978091127743, PB
222 pages, $14.99

While God is commonly defined as love, Hostetler takes this trait one step further in his "Christian Living" book and presents God as a jealous lover who demands a head-over-heels relationship with each of his human creations. Hostetler's format is a perfect balance of scripture, analysis, anecdotal stories, thought-provoking questions, and personal prayers presented in an engaging, almost devotional...


If you want to be just another face in the crowd...follow the path of least resistance.

Jack O'Lantern wears a smile,
But I can make him frown,
I take the smile off his face,
And turn it upside down.

He hasn't very many teeth,
At least it so appears,
And teachers can't pick him up,
Because he has no ears.

On Top
Last night my wife and I met a young married couple in their early thirties. After a short conversation, when the topic of children came up, I asked, "How many do you guys have?"...


The kids are back at school and summer vacations are now just fading memories, so it must be autumn. But the seasons don't just move on the calendar — they also change in your life. And, speaking of changes, you'll have to make many of them as you move through the years — and that includes changes to your investment portfolio. But how will you know when it's time to take action?

Just as Mother Nature sends out "signals" to indicate a change in seasons — blooming flowers, falling leaves, warmer...


One of my favorite parts of the fall is that the really good movies-the Best Picture contenders-start to show up in theaters. The problem, however, is that for those of us who don't live in major cities, seeing these movies is often not an option. Thankfully, every so often iTunes or Amazon offer us the chance to watch smaller films while they're still in theaters. For the cost of a movie ticket, you can watch the film from your home. It's not the same as the theater, but it's better than...


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