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I fly fairly regularly and in the boarding area, I like to play this game called "Please Don't Let Me Sit Next to That Person." I can be a bit cranky and I like to think that I've figured out a set of indicators for predicting who will be the most annoying person on my flight. Unfortunately, about half the time, the offender is someone I didn't even notice. Non-Stop, the latest box office topping thriller starring Liam Neeson combines the forced intimacy and the anonymity of commercial airline...


Before you say something, ask yourself, "Is this going to make things better?"

The Kitchen
I don't know if New Jersey's Governor, Chris Christie, can stand the heat...but he sure as hell can't get out of the kitchen!

Picture That
I walked out to get the mail this morning and it was colder than a witch's...well you get the picture.

To Go
The Allen County commissioners approved a 37% sewer rate increase for the Leo-Cedarville District. Boy...it sure is getting expensive to go!

Beating Bieber...


HOPELIFTER: Creative Ways To Spread Hope When Life Hurts
by Kathe Wunnenberg Zondervan
978-0-310-32015-9, PB
256 Pages, $14.99

This book can be an incredible encouragement to Christians everywhere. Its two-fold goal is to encourage anyone who has ever struggled with maintaining a sense of hope in life and also to teach readers how to use scripture as a way of instilling hope in others. The author is transparent in using stories from her own life of dealing with depression and loneliness and...


It's a good thing to have some savings. When you put the money in a low-risk account, you can be pretty sure it will be readily available when you need it. Nonetheless, "saving" is not "investing" — and knowing the difference could pay off for you far into the future.

Think about it this way: Saving is for today, while investing is for tomorrow.

You need your savings to pay for your daily expenses, such as groceries, and your monthly bills — mortgage, utilities, and so on. In fact, you might...


It seems fitting that the studios dump all their less successful projects at the height of awards seasons. Compared to the films up for Oscars, movies like Winter's Tale remind us just how bad movies can really be. Normally, I have some affection for bad movies, but this time let me tell you—life is too short. Watch a perfume ad and move on.

Winter's Tale claims to be a story about true love, so naturally it focuses on (literally) star-crossed lovers who have just met. (Warning: I'm going to...


My Angel is a Guardian

The Snow Angel
We built a wonderful snowman,
Right next to our home.
Put a snow lady beside him,
So he wouldn't be alone.

Throughout the winter,
When the wind did blow,
She watched the children,
Making angels in the snow.

The Snowman to his lady said,
"Spring is just around the bend,
I love you more than life itself,
And hoped it would never end."
"The days are warming and very soon,
We'll surely melt away.
So God please don't let us melt,
For this we humbly pray."

That night when...


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