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Everybody likes to laugh...but no one likes to be laughed at.

In vaudeville days, the cheapest and rowdiest seats in the house were called the peanut gallery. That's because that audience usually bought peanuts since they were the cheapest snack. In addition, if they didn't like the performer(s), they'd throw peanuts at them. Hence, the phrase, "no comments from the peanut gallery," was coined. I just wanted you all to know that, in case I ever use that phrase, you won't think I'm nuts!

The Pot

A recent Gallop Poll showed that 50% of the American people favor legalizing pot. I thought I did. But at my age, since I'm going to pot and I don't mean to the bathroom, I'm against pot.

Jill, "Hi Jim, how are you?"
Jim, "I'm wonderful."
Jill, "What is it like being wonderful?"
Jim, "I lied. I'm not really wonderful...but my wife says I'm not bad."

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