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Don't swim against the tide or pee into the wind. In the first case, you won't get anywhere and in the second, you'll still be all wet.

The Wicked Bible
In 1631, the so-called "Wicked Bible," was printed. A competitor bribed one of the printers, Robert Barker's workers, to leave the word "not" out of the Seventh Commandment. Thus it read, "Thou shalt commit adultery." King James I, ordered all copies seized and burned. Unfortunately, a few copies survived and I believe to this very day, that that adulterous version still has many followers. But, it's "not" for me to say.

The Tsars ~ Czars
Did you know that throughout the entire history of Russia, there were only twenty-four Tsars? Obama has thirty-two.
The Russians are probably wondering why in heaven's name does he need all those czars. They caused us all kinds of misery and we only had one at a time.

Poor Devils
The average NBA player makes somewhere around five million dollars a year. If all you made were five million, wouldn't you also want to strike? Maybe we ought to organize.

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