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The problem with getting a fat head...
is your hat won't fit anymore.

The Papal Pardon
Paolo, the Pope's personal butler, received a penance to be performed in the papal prison, for pilfering and peddling parts and pieces from the pope's private papers, which painfully perplexed the Pontiff. But the purloiner was plenty pleased when the pope performed a papal pardon.
~Joe & Cathy Freistroffer

Why Banks Fail
When you cut through all the bull crap, the primary reason banks fail is because of bad loans.

The Scratch
In a small study by some British psychologists, sixty-four percent of the participants scratched themselves while watching images of people scratching themselves. That's a higher percentage than people yawning, when they see someone else yawn, (40 to 60%). To me, that's not surprising. A yawn is just a yawn, but a good scratch, feels soooo good. Of course, how good depends on what you're scratching.


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