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Beer: helping shy people dance
for over 7000 years.

On or Off
Pro and college football players have been accused of using a banned substance called, deer antler spray, to in enhance their performance. Now I'm just trying to figure out what performance they're trying to enhance; on field, or off? Or are they just plain horny?

The Mad Hatter
I wrote a note to my friend, Matt Kelty, telling him I was mad about the "Kelty for Mayor" hat, he gave me. I also told him my friends wished they "Hatter."

Go Irish
We're all Irish on St. Patrick's Day,
We raise pints of green and then chug away.
We sing an Irish ditty, or maybe two,
Then dance a jig, like leprechauns do.

With an Irish shamrock pinned on our chest,
You now know, whom we love the best.
It's not Tommy McGuire nor Shirley McClain,
It's the Fighting Irish and ole Notre Dame!

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