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by Cindy Thomson Tyndale
978-1-4143-6843-6, PB, 396 pages
Grace McCaffery has finally escaped from Ireland to get a new start in New York City. She is enthralled by how her new camera can capture meaning in her dark world. However, when Grace finds herself the target of gangsters, that world becomes too real. Must Grace put aside her distrust of others in order to accept help from a willing police officer...and God?

This novel has an enthralling plot, and because of Thomson's ability to say so much with few words, the story moves quickly. The author does occasionally stretch historical accuracy for the sake of the story, though. As her knowledge of the period is extensive, she occasionally uses vocabulary which may be unfamiliar to readers. The book's theme of forgiveness is expertly woven through the lives of the characters, making the Christian slant evident. It is recommended for all female fans of mysteries and historical fiction.

Kenzi Nevins is a summer college readiness student at Taylor University studying professional writing.

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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