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by Beth K. Vogt Howard
PB 320 pages
What do you do at age thirty-six when you're still waiting for dreams to come true? Kendall Haynes watches all her friends and even her younger sister get married, and she wonders about God's plan for her life. Is asking for a husband and a family too much? She's already busy running her allergy and asthma clinic, but she can't help hoping for the perfect man to burst into her life and sweep her off her feet.

This fast-paced modern novel is an exciting yet relatable picture of what it means to surrender your plans and dreams to God. It features well-developed characters and unpredictable plot twists. Although the author conveys a message of hope and reconciliation, immoral behavior is occasionally referenced, and several characters live non-Christian lifestyles. This vividly descriptive novel is recommended for teens and adults who struggle with letting God take the wheel in their life.

Elizabeth Vandegriff is a summer college readiness student at Taylor University studying professional writing.

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