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by Jay Stoeckl Paraclete
978-61261-159-4, PB
137 pages, $15.99

One of the most influential saints of the Christian faith comes to life in this new graphic novel. Set at the height of the Roman Empire, the story of Francis of Assisi is retold, with the only fictional character being Brother Duck, Francis's funny and sarcastic side-kick. Join Francis and Brother Duck as they adventure through the key events of Francis's life while they discover and learn how to follow Christ.

True to actual events, these colorful pages are close enough to cartoons to intrigue young readers, yet detailed enough to give the retelling of the life of St. Francis a fresh perspective for those who know it well. Readers will be inspired as the story reveals how God works in the lives of those who trust him and submit to his calling. I recommend this to children and parents for both its educational and entertainment elements.

Book Reviewed by Kristi Schweitzer is a professional writing major at Taylor University and a freelance writer for The Aboite Independent, Pathways to God, Church Libraries, and Christian Communicator.

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