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The Crittendon Files #1
by Creston Mapes Cook
978-0-7814-0816-5, PB
432 pages, $14.99

For Granger Meade, joyous memories came only from thoughts of times he'd had with Pamela Crittendon back in high school. Years later, those memories are still his only source of happiness. Hoping to feel that joy once again, his desire to feel loved drives him to torment Pam and her family. Within this chaos, Pastor Evan McDaniel strangely disappears, leaving Pam's journalist husband to investigate and write about that mysterious disappearance during his own family's rocky time.

This story will put readers on the edge of their seats, not realizing how much time has gone by since they last took a breath.  The novel uses fast-paced dialogue, vivid settings, and quick scene changes to provide strong narrative drive. It pits the evil of man against the justice of God in very inventive ways.  The plot is for mature readers, for it involves rape, kidnapping, suicide, smoking, and adultery. For discerning readers, it will provide thought-provoking entertainment.

Book Reviewed by Rachael M. Mitchell who was a professional writing major in the CRAM program at Taylor University.

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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