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An Andi Boggs Novel #1
by Amanda Flower Zonderkidz
978-0-310-73701-8, HB
224 pages

Andora "Andi" Boggs isn't the only Andora Boggs in Killdeer, Ohio.

After their parents' sudden deaths, twelve-year-old Andi and her older sister Bethany arrive in Killdeer to live with their zany aunt in a house that has belonged to the Boggs family for decades. Andi is cleaning the attic with her new friend, Colin Carter, when they discover an old trunk labeled "Andora." Andi and Colin dig through Depression-era history to discover what happened to the other Andora, learning who in Killdeer can be trusted along the way.

Andi's story is clever, enticing, and thoroughly enjoyable. Readers will feel as if they're jumping on their bikes to pedal around Killdeer with Andi and Colin. Flower allows Andi to be cynical about religion after her parents' death, but prayer plays a powerful role in the story's climax. This novel is perfect for middle-schoolers looking for a delicious mystery to captivate them.

Deanna M. Menke is a professional writing major at Taylor University and a book reviewer for Church Libraries.


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