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My Thoughts on Pete Rose
I remember very well the first game that Pete Rose became the manager of the Cincinnati Reds. I attended the game and Pete hit a triple during the first inning. As he went into third base headfirst the fans went crazy. Pete had the town in the palm of his hands.
Most all of us remember his playing days with the "Big Red Machine" and later with the Phillies. There was no doubt; he was one of the best ever.
A few years ago when the news broke about his gambling on baseball I wrote a small letter to the editor of both USA Today Baseball Weekly and the Sporting News. It wasn't published. They didn't think it was important.
In that letter to the editor I stated, "If you are a major League baseball player and would like to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame, start living that part early."
That's my thoughts on Pete Rose.

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