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The hills aren't exactly alive with the sound of music this holiday season. Instead, they're ringing with the offbeat tones of an Adam Sandler musical, 8 Crazy Nights. I could only imagine what an animated film from the guy who brought moviegoers Happy Gilmore would be like. So, on a bright Sunday afternoon, I took my younger brother, who thinks he is Adam Sandler, to the movies. After getting through the tasks of actually getting my brother to go with me (he's 13 so it is embarrassing for anyone to know that he has a family), achieving an agreement on how to spend the snack money, and keeping Josh from sneaking into 8 Mile, I can't say the movie was really worth it. My brother didn't even particularly enjoy it. That's like Adam Sandler not liking his own movie.

8 Crazy Nights really is a typical holiday season story, it's just told Adam Sandler style. Davey Stone (Sandler, Punch Drunk Love) is the "town bafoon." He gets drunk, terrorizes the city, and is an all-around jerk; especially during the holidays. Stone has finally pulled one stunt too may and the judge isn't quite sure what to do with him. Stone used to be a great kid until something terribly sad happened to him. Luckily, Whitey (Sandler), the ref. of the local Jr. basketball league steps up with an idea. Whitey is a short, strange little man with two different sized feet who lives with his twin sister Eleanore (Sandler). He is approaching his seventieth birthday and will have to retire after this season. Whitey suggests that he keeps an eye on Stone while he trains him to be a new referee. If Stone breaks any laws, he goes to jail for no less than ten years. Needless to say, nobody can change overnight, but in cases like Stone's it takes a miracle. For the viewer that miracle comes with some laughs attached.

The key word is "some." I am a big fan of Sandler. I practically know Billy Madison by heart. I was hugely disappointed. This movie lacks the crazy facial expressions that I am accustomed to seeing Sandler's characters possess. The plot made sense enough, but the humor was completely nonsensical. The only reason I ever laughed was because the movie was so stupid, pitiful and random it was humorous. It was making fun of a lady tripping in church. In fact, I even felt a little guilty for laughing. Sure, there were some funny parts ("Smell ya later poopcicle"), but they weren't that great. I did, however, enjoy the revised version of "The Chanukah Song." Other than that, it was definitely the kind of movie I would rent if I was in the mood to have my IQ dropped by roughly 40 points-about eight points for every fifteen minutes of the movie. (That's one good thing, it was only an hour and eighteen minutes long.) So, (in the words of Adam Sandler) "put on your yarmulke, it's (past) time for Chanukah. So much funnaka, to celebrate Chanukah." Just stay away from 8 Crazy Nights.


The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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