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Scared Straight


It seems that some TV and radio preachers are obsessed with the message that the end of the world is near and we better be ready to meet the Lord in the clouds.

It reminds me of the time Dad and Mom took us to a revival meeting at the church in South Whitley that we attended. The evangelist was really preaching about being ready to join Jesus in the air. It was a strong message, and the results were, several people responded to the altar call.

Dad and I were talking about it a few days later. I told him what I thought about the service. He responded by telling me about attending such a service when he was a young man. He told me that the Evangelist set up a tent in a grove of trees near Columbia City. The night of the meeting the tent was full and the message was hell, fire and brim stone. The Evangelist said, "We all should be ready, the end of the world is near, the Lord could come at any minute, the final trumpet could sound and the world would end." At that moment there was a loud blast of a trumpet and everyone rushed to the altar to pray for forgiveness. Dad added that the Evangelist had a man up in a tree to give the trumpet sound.

It is true that we must be ready at all times to meet our Lord. Not because we are scared into it but because we love the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and we want to serve Him!

Because, God is Good All The Time. All the time God is good. Be cool, Jesus Loves You, and so do I.

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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