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Young Kids Don't Belong In Major League Dugouts

The USA Today, October 28, 2002 issue had an article, "Family Oriented Giants Hope MLB Doesn't Ban Children From Dugouts." I'm sure many Major League players would like to have their sons in the dugout during one of their games. Dusty Baker was quoted: "The topic likely will be discussed during baseball's winter meetings. I'm just hoping they don't come up with some Darren Baker rule that prohibits kids from being in the dugouts."

With the justice system in this country MLB doesn't need a very serious accident followed by an expensive settlement.

That same issue of USA Today had another article: "Splintered Bats Fly All Over Disrupt Fielders of Series." Hank Sauer Chicago Cubs outfielder once had a portion of a splintered bat stick in his neck during batting practice. This could have been serious if it had stuck in the wrong place. Bats sometimes slip out of batters hands and land in all sorts of places.

Several years ago a Fort Wayne youth was seriously injured when he got too close to a baseball foul line on his bicycle and was hit by a batted baseball. You know who they criticized for this incident. The umpires. Even after they warned the youth to get further away from the playing field. Young kids don't belong in Major League dugouts. That's The Way I Saw It.

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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