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Recently my brother-in-law Vic Heniser past away. ‑Relatives from out of town came to pay their respects. ‑A cousin from Phoenix noticed how caring and gracious the staff at Elzey's were treating the family. ‑He made the comment "this is really small town." ‑Another cousin from Midland Michigan arrived in town with car problems. ‑She took the car to Favory's. ‑Upon hearing her dilemma Tim stopped what he was doing and immediately replaced the water pump so they could be back in Midland that evening. ‑I forgot to arrange family dinner one evening. ‑The local Subway prepared food for twenty people within an hour. ‑The Subway staff explained to the waiting customers what was happening and they patiently waited while our food was prepared. ‑The firefighters of the Southwest Fire District paid their respects and performed a touching tribute to Vic. ‑The firefighters auxiliary provided delicious desserts for family and friends after the service. ‑The Waynedale United Methodist Church was by the family's side through the entire mourning period. ‑We were consoled by the hugs of Church family. ‑The Waynedale United Methodist Women prepared lunch for family and friends. Pastor Mike Harris performed a service that touched the hearts of Vic's family. ‑Pastor Mike was there supporting the family on the day of Vic's passing and continues to console the family.

I feel fortunate to be a member of the Waynedale community.

Proud to be a 'Waynedaler.'

Proud to be 'Small Town.'

Dan Fisher

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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