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Ooooooooohhh I just have to tell you of the cute little old place that Wayne and I went to. We had coupons for Blimpie Subs and Salad so we went to the one at ParkWest Shopping Center. The coupon said that if you buy one sub you get one free if it costs the same or less than the first one. I gather the cheap one is the free one.

Wayne ordered a 'wrap' instead of a sub. It seemed to be a large thick tortilla wrapped around some kind of meat that was hot and spicy with lots of cold vegetables. I think the meat was Buffalo Wing-flavored Ham or something like that. The lady asked him what he wanted on it and he said, "Just run it through the garden." That's what she did. She put every kind of vegetable she had on it.

Besides the spicy meat, it had a few pickles, two or three kinds of peppers, olives, tomato slices, lettuce, onion, and a few things I couldn't identify. Then she asked him if he wanted spicy mustard. "Yep." "Oil?" "Yep." "Vinegar? "Yep." "Mayonnaise?" "Yep." I think there were a few other 'wet' things she asked if he wanted. He kept saying, "Yep," to everything mentioned.

I ordered the same thing but I told her I wanted it on a regular whole-wheat sub bun. She never batted an eye when I told her to make the order to go. I didn't want to tell her how messy Wayne can get when he eats. With all that 'wet' stuff poured over the inside of his 'wrap' sandwich, I knew it was a liquid bomb waiting to go off the minute he bit into it.

The lady was nice and very friendly. I'm sorry I didn't get her name but later, when we were watching TV and eating our sandwiches, we noticed her on the 6 o'clock news. She had been awarded one of those Homes for Humanity homes. No wonder she was so happy and joyful. I like her. Good luck to you honey; I know how important I felt when Wayne and I moved into our first home. I know good things come to those who are friendly and smile in their hearts for other people.

Anyway, we went home, got something cold to drink and had our 'supper' in the privacy of our own living room with the blinds closed. It's a good think we didn't eat in bed; we would have had oil, vinegar, mustard, mayonnaise and veggie drippings all over the sheets and pillow cases like one other time. I never did get the brown spicy mustard out of the linen. You know what that looked like. I have to make sure those sheets and pillowcases never get put on the bed in the guest bedroom. I don't know what guests would think we did in that bed. Hee hee, I do have to laugh just thinking about it though. It could happen you know; Wayne really looks sexy after I've eaten some spicy foods.

Well we were watching TV when Wayne bit into that wrapped up juicy bomb. It did just like I thought it would. Wayne would have had sticky greasy stuff all over himself but this time I was ready. I had inflated the grandkid's kiddie pool and made him sit right in the middle of it, naked. I cut a hole in an old shower curtain, slipped it over his head, and gave him his sandwich. Later I scrubbed him down when we were in the shower. I recommend this to anyone who wants to keep their home neat. I ate my sandwich like a lady and didn't get a crumb on anything.

I won't give Blimpie (name reminds me of my Tubby Hubby) any forks of approval this time because I want to go back and eat in their lovely restaurant. I'll make sure I go with the girls and leave Wayne at home. The sandwiches were good and I like them (I nibbled on Wayne's when he wasn't looking). You just have to try one of their subs; they'll even let you watch them put it together. And they are very friendly over there. Until next time, Taa Taaa.

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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