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A lot has gone on since 9/11 happened. A lot of flags have been bought, flown, and displayed in every way shape and form. THE WAYNEDALE NEWS handed out about 1000 flag decals before, during, and after the Memorial Day weekend. I bought a new flag at Maynards and am flying it night and day from our porch. My neighbor has a pair of boxer shorts made to look like two American flags sewn together.

I have seen our national symbol on cars, trucks, windows, billboards, and magazine covers. Both sides of Greyhound buses have been decorated with flag decals for years. Calvary United Methodist Church, 6301 Winchester Road flies an American flag night and day, courtesy of Boy Scout Troop 38. (The flag pole was erected as an Eagle project in memory of Troop 38's first Assistant Scoutmaster and co-founder, Dick Lindsey, who passed away in 1992). The flag is maintained and replaced twice a year by the troop. It is illuminated at night.

What has all this to do with anything other than bringing to our attention the fact that our public is displaying our national symbol more and more? Just this, what are the rules?

How many people know the right and wrong way of flying a flag? What side of the podium does the American flag go on? Should you fly the flag on days other than Public holidays? Should you have a flag dry cleaned when it gets dirty. Is it alright to repair a torn flag? How do you carry a flag in a parade? What happens if a flag touches the ground? Is it alright to burn a flag? What is the proper way to dispose of an old worn out, dirty flag? Should you bury a flag?

If you don't know the rules of Flag Etiquette then I suggest you learn them. They aren't complicated and most are just plain common sense. Get a pamphlet called "Let's be Right on FLAG ETIQUETTE". The one I have was distributed by the American Legion National Americanism Commission, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46206 and is 27 pages long. Inside the back cover it says: Flag Publications available from National Emblem Sales, P.O. Box 1050, Indianapolis, IN 46206. Consult current Emblem Sales Catalog for prices.

Listed are: LET'S BE RIGHT ON FLAG ETIQUETTE (No. 72600) – FLAG CODE (No. 72061) – "LIGHT OF LIBERTY" COMIC BOOK (No. 72551) – "OUR COUNTRY'S FLAG" COMIC BOOK (No. 72550) – "PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE" COMIC BOOK (No. 72552) – FLAG APPRECIATION CERTIFICATE (No. 75242). This last one is designed to honor those individuals, organizations, and businesses that display the Flag on a daily basis.

Have a computer? I suggest you visit THE AMERICAN LEGION on the Internet at http://www.legion.org – click on Our Flag. This will bring up: Flag Code, Frequently Asked Questions, Folding the Flag, etc. Click on the one you want and print it out. Good luck and "Fly your flag proudly."

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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