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Oooooooohhhh I just have to tell you about the goodest eating place. At least that's the way Wayne describes it. Deed he is the sloppiest person and when he's in a restaurant that invented eating sloppy then he's in heaven. I'm talking about BUFFALO WINGS & RIBS out on West Jefferson Boulevard. Wayne ordered the 10-piece plate of their famous Mild Garlic wings. They advertise that they are ". . . The Wings That Made Us Famous." They brought 12 wings instead of 10 so I claimed the extra two and here is what I found out.

Their wings came swimming in a mild garlicy, buttery, slurpy, run-down-yer-elbows and drip on the floor, delicious sauce. They came with a little bowl of blue cheese dressing and celery sticks. There is no way you can eat those wings 'neatly' and the waitress had to help clean us both up. She brought a stack of napkins that I know meant the death of at least one complete large tree to make them all. Anyway they were good. The next time I go there I'm taking a wet washcloth and a plastic bib/apron.

We also shared an order of onion rings that were ". . . Golden and lightly breaded and fried to perfection," just like they advertised. I think they must have added a little corn meal to the batter because they were nice and crunchy. I wish they had sent more out on the plate. I noticed that the onion rings were all end slices and no middle slices like onion rings in other restaurants. I'll bet they do them that way to make the batter stick on better.

While Wayne was slurping his wings down, I was munching on my chicken salad. It was sooooo good. There was celery, purple onion rings, chicken pieces, pickles, among some other things, all on a bed of kale. I've discovered that kale by itself is good so I ate it even though Wayne said it was for looks only. I said, "I'm paying for it and I'm eating it." He just doesn't like anything that green and crunchy. He's a meat and potatoes person just like his father. He even looks like him the cute little tubby wing eatin' darling.

Our waitress' name was Joelle and she was so cute and nice. I made Wayne leave her a good tip because she had to make several trips to bring us water with lemon and more napkins. She had to clean the table once while we were there. I'm telling you that there is no neat way to eat those delicious wings. I asked if that cute little Keegan was on duty as cook that night and she said, "No, it's his night off." I know he is a good cook and I wanted to send a "compliments to the chef message" to impress his boss but maybe next time Keegan honey.

Wayne wanted to get some wings to go but there is no way I want him to mess up my steering wheel. Can you imagine my cute little tubby hubby eating those messylicious chicken wings and handling my recently detailed car steering wheel? I don't know why I let him drive my car that night unless it's because I can't stand to ride in his messy old truck. There's pop cans and hamburger wrappers in there from the day after he bought it. There's still some old sacks that say, "MISTER WIGGS" on them so you know how often he cleans that truck out.

A big gripe I have is there stupid television sets (I saw two) were both showing hockey games. I can't stand hockey. Eating there would have been a tad more enjoyable if they had had a nice Lawrence Welk show on or something more pleasant and less bloody. There potty was nice. No need to take napkins with you when you go there girls. Wayne hardly ever goes when were out; he says he'd rather wait till he gets home. I think he must be all bladder. I think he's like a camel in reverse. Oh well, the next time you go to Buffalo Wings & Ribs, just tell them Wayne and Bertha Dale sent you and see if you can get Keegan's autograph on a menu; he might throw in an extra wing. Soooooo till next time, Taa Taaa.

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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