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Some years ago the question would surface, is that your "real" age or your "baseball" age? Some things that happened this year proves that this question has not become obsolete.

This spring while writing visas it was found that Cleveland Indians pitcher Bartolo Colon was actually two years older than thought to be. There were a few Major League Players in that same boat. We all remember that Little League incident of an over age pitcher last year.

A good example of players permitting records to not be correct was brought out early this month when the oldest Ex-Major League Baseball player Karl Swanson died in Moline, Illinois. He had not been given credit as the oldest living player, by the Baseball Commissioners office, until last year. Records showed his birthday as December 17, 1903 while it was actually December 17, 1900.

The reason this happened, was when he signed with The Chicago White Sox in 1928, he permitted a sports writer to say he was 24. Karl thought that the White Sox wouldn't sign him if they knew he was 27 years old. Karl did however have a very good minor league playing record. I met Karl Swanson several times in Florida and while discussing this subject he showed me his driver's license showing the correct date.

You see folks not telling the whole truth about your age has its advantages as well as disadvantages. And that's the way I saw it.

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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