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Oooooooohhhh I just have to tell you about a bargain place to eat. It's any Wendy's restaurant. I'm not just talking about the one on Broadway at the Bluffton Bridge over the St. Mary's River. Oh that restaurant is good too and just as clean as a pin since they did their remodeling. And the dining room they have now is wonderful. Before I felt like I was cramped up in there trying to eat and everyone brushing their behinds on our table and spilling our waters all over the place. Yes I give them an excellent score for being tidy and polite to us older citizens. And their potty is so nice and clean and so far I have always found their toilet paper dispenser full. They really have a nice restaurant there but what I want to dwell on in this column is the good food we get there for our limited fixed income dollars.

I think Dave Tomas should have earned his place in heaven, bless his soul, for thinking of us seniors when he put out his 99¢ menu. You can get a nice baked potato with sour cream and chives, a Junior bacon cheese burger, hamburger, cheese burger, a Cesar side salad, French fries, a frosty, a bowl of chili, chicken nuggets, and more, lots more for just 99¢ each. We normally order a side salad, a baked potato, a chili, and a junior bacon cheeseburger for each of us every time we go there. We get by with spending under $10 most times and with the coupons I get we can really order the same amount of food and only pay around $5 most times. I just love the food AND saving money.

Sometimes we eat there at the restaurant and sometimes I send Wayne to get the food and then we throw a blanket on the floor in front of our fireplace and have a go-at-it right there in the living room. Sometimes we even have a glass of wine and eat our Wendy's food right there in front of the fireplace. Wayne is good at it wherever he is but he's learning to be careful with that hot-sauce that Wendy's puts out to add to their chili. That is powerful hot stuff if you get it in the wrong places. Sitting in a tub full of ice water will set you free.

Now you understand that this time I'm focusing on the food at Wendy's restaurant and not just one particular restaurant. Wayne and I have been in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan and each and every Wendy's restaurant has served up the same good delicious food wherever we have been. In Michigan they give their seniors a choice of a free cup of coffee or a free junior frosty with their meals. That was so nice of them. One Sunday they gave us two bowls of chili for the price of one. I could only eat one and gave my extra one to Wayne; never again. We drove 125 miles with my window rolled halfway down and I caught the worst chill; so be careful if your husband is gassy like my little tubby hubby.

This column is short this time due to the fact that Wayne and I are getting ready to go visit some of our friends just south of here. We will probably be stopping at some other Wendy's and checking their food, service, and potty's. I still carry extra tissues with me no matter where I go. Be Prepared is the Boy Scout motto; I think it should be the Girl Scout motto also. Mothers teach your girls to Be Prepared for the time they hit the restroom and there is no TP. Table napkins don't flush very well.

Anyway, Wayne gave me some tips to pass on to you when you get your food to go and bring it home to have a picnic in the privacy of your own home/bedroom. His advice: Never fool with hot sauce in bed, BBQ sauce stains the sheets, horsy sauce should never be put in your belly button for dipping French fries, don't try to eat a frosty or drink a cup of hot coffee in the nude and NEVER when lying down. Salt in your belly button will fall out when you stand up and it makes the bed feel like you have sand in your sheets. Salt also hides in skin wrinkles and acts like sandpaper. Salad always falls out of the bowl so keep your bowl on a plate. Anything sticky on your fingers will jam up the remote clicker thingy and catsup goes with everything. Soooooo till next time, Taa Taaa.

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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