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c/o Ray McCune-Scouting Smoke Signals

We are pleased to report that the Boys Scouts from Troop 344, chartered through Waynedale United Methodist Church, earned 2nd place overall in competition at the Miami District annual Klondike Derby recently. The Derby was held Saturday, January 12th at the Anthony Wayne Council's Camp Chief Little Turtle located at Pleasant Lake, Indiana – north of Fort Wayne.

The Scouts demonstrated a variety of skills as they raced from station to station with a large sled full of equipment and provisions in tow. Many events such as ravine crossing (We had to use the proper rope knots and the sled could not touch the ground!), first aid, obstacle course, and fire building (materials must be all natural) kept everyone busy. Our Scouts placed first in the first aid and ravine crossing events and finished second in the overall competition.

Activities prior to the Klondike Derby have found the Troop helping the Waynedale Lions Club serve pancakes and sausage at the Muddy River Run charity car show as well as assisting the St. Therese Parish with the parking lot during their annual Fall Fun Day. Even with these community service projects, the troop has also managed to work in a 'campout' and several 'lock-ins' at the Southeast YMCA. These guys are keeping themselves occupied by learning and busy by serving our Waynedale public. They are also having a lot of fun.


Gary McOmber-SA Troop 344

Associate Ed. Note: We are always eager and willing to let the good citizens of Waynedale know that there really are a few good kids out there that don't spend their time 'hanging out', 'doing nothing', 'going to the mall', or 'getting into drugs' and what is going on in our Waynedale Scout Troops. For anyone wanting to join the Boys Scouts, you can take your pick of troops. Here's a list with their sponsors - Troop 22-SouthWest Conservation Club, Troop 25-South Wayne Baptist Church, Troop 38-Calvary United Methodist Church, Troop 44-Portage Creek Camp Association, Troop 344-Waynedale United Methodist Church, and Troop 302-sponsored by Monson Chapel and the Fort Wayne Beagle Club.


Letter to the Editor, (Mae Julian)

I was just setting here reading my WAYNEDALE paper, which I have always enjoyed, but your Mae Julian column was sick. The people that did this to that poor dog was cruel. Number one, the mother's saying she was not a dog lover and shot her dog in the garage with a gun. She could have had it done in a humane way.

When she found out the dog could not have puppies, she should have had her dog spade to make sure the vet was not wrong which as we can see he was very wrong. The people she claims loved the dog. They must have loved her too much if they sent the Animal Control out. If the dog wouldn't stay in the yard, they should have put it in a pen to exercise.

The poor dog was in a lot of pain all day and about died. Anyone would know there was something really wrong. That is probably why the first vet said, "No," and you wouldn't pay the $175 to get the dog taken care of; then you got another doctor to put her thru all of this even after what he found wrong with her.

The Boxer had no choice in the odds; the dog was asleep while all of you did what you did. Now the poor thing looks like a rack of bones. All you can see is her bones sticking out. She should have had special food while she carried these puppies.

Now that the poor eight babies are here, who knows what they will look like after all of this? You make a joke about who the father was; then say as big as the puppies are, it could be a Shetland pony in the neighborhood. You thought that was funny. All of the people I have talked to thought it was sick.

Now the puppies will be placed not knowing what problems they may have. If you can't get rid of them, then the Animal Control will be good enough for you. There is no hero in this story, just sadness for the dog who had all the pain. As a dog lover it really makes me sad and sick.

A Waynedale reader (that is very disappointed and very sorry for the dog.)

The Waynedale News Staff
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