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Dear Cindy,

Thanks so much for the great Chanukah article. You did a great service for the community in featuring it on the front page. Your support in this endeavor is very appreciated and helps to make our goal of equality and understanding more achievable.

Seasons greetings to you and yours,

Jeff Gubitz, Executive Director

Ft. Wayne Jewish Federation



This was written two weeks after the September 11th terrorist attack. We're the proud Grandparents of the author, John Ort and Mary Ladig, owners of Loco-N-Motion, 2801 Lower Huntington Road.

God Bless America

May God let the people who did this to us be our friends and not our enemies, and God bless all the people who died trying to save the people in the building and around it, and God please let this war between America and the terrorists in Afghanistan and all over the world end. And God please answer me!

Jonny Porter age 9

3rd Grade Waynedale Elementary


To All,

Thank you to all who helped on articles and pictures of me in support of my staying in Waynedale. I do have a new place but will miss 'home'. Don and Becky (my caretakers), and I will keep you in our remembrances. This small 'thank you' ornament is for your WAYNEDALE NEWS Christmas tree. Also thanks to Wayne D. Ducke.




Cindy Cornwell,

I truly enjoy reading THE WAYNEDALE NEWS . . . I find it rather "unique". It has very interesting articles . . . big on information . . . a wide spectrum . . . and that small town feeling about it. I usually pick up a copy at the Legion there in Waynedale. Are you familiar with Post 241? I think I met Lois Lane there once . . . ? I notice a lot of the folks there reading a copy of the latest issue when it is delivered. I've met a lot of good friendly "home town" people there. Waynedale is a "red-carpet" gem of a town! My job in the area is coming to a close, which means I will no longer be able to physically pick up an issue of this fine paper. Has all the bugs been worked out of the web site? What is the official web site address . . . that I may read it on line? Thank you for your time.

Hope to hear from you,



(Ed. Note – Rick, a full year's subscription mailed to your new address will only cost $14.50. We are still perfecting our web site. The address to read THE WAYNEDALE NEWS on line is: www.waynedalenews.com.

Look for it to get bigger and better.)



Thought you might be interested in this.

Mike and Shari Reynolds of Zanesville have a most beautiful tree in their yard. It has been lighted since Veterans' Day. They live on Marzane-Indianapolis Road (old #3) on the south edge of Zanesville on the east side of the road. The strands of lights (red, white, and blue) are placed just right and a golden star tops it off. It is very well done and was the first of many trees now decorated for the season in Zanesville.

Shari called me the other day. She wanted me to know the reason that the tree was decorated that way. After the September 11th tragedy, she started thinking about her father Al Hobson who served at Pearl Harbor. She saw all the flags flying and it caused her to think more seriously than ever about her father's great reverence for the flag and his country. She and her husband Mike decided that a tree lit with red, white, and blue would be very pleasing to her father and it was decided that they would get it done in time to light it for Veterans' Day.

Her father, who was a resident of Michigan until his death on December 2, 1988 always made sure that she knew not to fly the flag in the rain or after the sun went down. It took the Reynolds 2 weekends to arrange the just right lighting on the tree. It stands now not only in tribute to Al Hobson but in tribute to all veterans living and deceased. They would all be pleased.

Melba Edwards

(Ed. Note - Melba writes the Zanesville column for the TAB and for the BANNER. Thanks Melba; we've let our readers know.)


To the good people of Waynedale,

The Ladies Auxiliary from Unit 241 American Legion wants to thank everyone that donated items for our auction. It was a huge success. Special thanks go out to Chester Gwozdz for all his donations. Larry Martin and his partner Dane Bailey were the auctioneers. Thank you for a very good job. Proceeds will go to the Veterans and their families in our own area. We are also donating a portion to the Legion to help with the food boxes for the needy.

Post 241 Ladies Auxiliary

The Waynedale News Staff
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